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Latest Headlines

Pivotal open sources HAWQ analytics engine

Pivotal's HAWQ big data analytics engine is now an open source project. The company has contributed the two-year-old technology to the Apache Software Foundation library.

It's a revolving door at EMC companies

Two big-name executives have leve VMware: Chuck Hollis and Ben Fathi. They join other defectors from EMC companies, indicating executives might be feeling results of discussions around the future of the EMC federation. 

Management's role in DevOps: Orchestrating the 'why'

What's the point of it all? Why are we doing this? These questions pop up frequently in IT teams where the reason for doing your daily activities – like churning through tickets, whizzing up builds or "doing the DevOps" – seems only that someone, somewhere told you to do it.

Think you can show DevOps ROI? Think again

Trying to find an ROI for DevOps is an absurd question. But that won't prevent your boss from asking you for a DevOps ROI. Pivotal's Michael Cote does the overthinking on why it's essentially impossible to find a DevOps ROI and suggests that a better bet is to point to successful examples of DevOps adoption.   

The newest member of your DevOps team may be someone from business

Sam Ramji, Cloud Foundry Foundation's CEO, spends a lot of time talking to businesses about cloud and their development needs. The latest shift he's hearing about is that some organizations are adding business people to DevOps teams.

Docker, CoreOS, plus everyone else in cloud come together for Open Container Project

The idea of a standard container runtime and image format may not be far off. Docker and CoreOS, as well as practically everyone who's anyone in cloud, have teamed up to form a new Linux Foundation initiative.

Pivotal boosts Big Data Suite with Quickstep acquisition

Pivotal will be beefing up its Big Data Suite offering and gaining some more talent with the acquisition of the Quickstep project, which has so far found its home at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Here's how we can help push DevOps into the mainstream

Can DevOps declare victory yet? Not quite, but soon. Here are four ways that the community can help push DevOps into the mainstream. 

In deal with Mendix, Pivotal adds easy app dev to its own flavor of Cloud Foundry

Pivotal Cloud Foundry is getting rapid application development (RAD) capabilities thanks to a partnership with Mendix. The companies have struck a partnership in which Mendix's no-code RAD capabilities are available on Pivotal's platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

The Tao of DevOps: Finding your wushu

There are several metaphors that can be used to describe DevOps, but the one that's going to stick in my head for a long time comes from Adam Jacob's ChefConf keynote speech--kung fu.