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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: 'Lean Startup' author Eric Ries joins Pivotal as entrepreneur in residence

Pivotal added another name to its roster this week.

Pivotal expands again following Slice of Lime acquisition

The Slice of Lime team is now part of Pivotal, and it seems to me the new Pivotal employees will fit well into the Cloud Foundry-focused developer engagement teams.

Cloud Foundry poised to shine in 2016

Barely a week goes by in which a press release or media alert related to Cloud Foundry fails to arrive in my inbox. Whether it's a new Cloud Foundry-based platform as a service launching, a new certification or new integrations and features, it appears that the PaaS software is getting plenty of attention.

The most important DevOps acquisitions of 2015

Call it industry consolidation. Call it accelerating time to market. Whatever the case, 2015 was a year of several major acquisitions in the DevOps space, including a few surprising ones.

Pivotal gains more Cloud Foundry talent through CloudCredo acquisition

Pivotal is adding new talent and new technology to its growing Cloud Foundry practice through the acquisition of London-based CloudCredo and its startup subsidiary StayUp.

Spotlight: Pivotal announces acquisition of Cloud Foundry service CloudCredo

Pivotal announced Monday its planned acquisition of U.K.-based CloudCredo. The Cloud Foundry service will now join the continuously complicating Dell-EMC deal.

CloudBees Jenkins Platform now pre-configured for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

CloudBees and Pivotal have teamed up to make Jenkins available on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. The partnership is essentially a reseller agreement in which Pivotal will sell and make Jenkins available on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. It's interesting, though, because it expands Jenkins' presence on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, making it more easily accessible to DevOps teams.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry's latest release promises faster time to production for apps

Pivotal unveiled a new version of its Cloud Foundry offering meant to make it even faster to get an application developed and into production.

EMC reportedly hoping to take Pivotal public soon

EMC and Dell are hoping to take Pivotal public soon, although Dell will ultimately own the bulk of the company, according to a report in Re/Code that cites unnamed sources.

It's Pivotal and Virtustream that make Dell's EMC acquisition interesting

While the big names of EMC and VMware may have justified the $67 billion price tag on Dell's acquisition of the companies, it's the smaller businesses of the EMC federation that have the real promise.