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Latest Headlines

Tablet production to grow 25% this year, predicts IHS

Despite concerns that the tablet growth might slow, IHS Technology is forecasting that tablet production will surge 25 percent this year compared with last year. Overall, IHS expects production of connected devices will top 6 billion units this year.

Spotlight: Sony ponies up £250,000 for PlayStation Network breach

Sony has agreed to pay a £250,000 fine ($377,000) to the UK Information Commissioner's Office for a security breach in 2011 that exposed personal information of millions of PlayStation Network customers, according to the BBC.

Sony's PlayStation 4 brings second-screen app for iOS, Android

Sony Corporation took the wraps off its long-awaited PlayStation 4 gaming console Wednesday, bowing to the mounting threat posed by mobile gaming by promising a second-screen app optimized for devices running Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

Rumor Mill: Sony's new PlayStation 4 will integrate mobile gaming support

The next iteration of Sony Corporation's PlayStation gaming console will introduce a series of new features including support for smartphones and other portable devices,  The Wall Street Journal  reports.

Sony lures developers to PlayStation Mobile

Sony Computer Entertainment is kicking off its PlayStation Mobile Developer Program, enabling third-party publishers to begin creating games optimized for PlayStation-certified smartphones and tablets.

Sony releasing PlayStation Suite SDK to galvanize mobile game development

Sony Computer Entertainment will release an open beta version of its PlayStation Suite software development kit in April 2012, promising developers a more streamlined environment to create mobile

Sony in talks to sell PlayStation games on more mobile devices

Sony is in talks with several phone and tablet manufacturers in an effort to bring its PlayStation games to more mobile devices. Kazuo Hirai, Sony's executive deputy president, said the company is

Sony Ericsson banks on 'hundreds and hundreds' of games this year for Xperia Play

ORLANDO, Fla.--Sony Ericsson expects there to be "hundreds and hundreds" of games optimized for its Xperia Play smartphone this year, a Sony Ericsson executive said. The firm hopes that this will

Sony Ericsson shows off PlayStation phone in Super Bowl ad

Sony Ericsson finally confirmed the pending release of its much-rumored PlayStation gaming smartphone, airing a television advertisement spotlighting the device during Sunday's Super Bowl XLV

Sony targeting Android gamers with PlayStation Suite

Sony Computer Entertainment introduced PlayStation Suite, an initiative bringing PlayStation gaming experiences to devices running Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android mobile operating system. Citing the