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Latest Headlines

Are your analytics myopic? Here's how to sharpen your predictive vision

Using analytics only for internal reflection is myopic and dangerous. Why? Because you may very well find yourself improving processes and products that will soon become obsolete and understanding customers who are on their way out the door…forever.

eBay and Redbox on their predictive analytics play

eBay and Redbox shared their uses and plans for predictive analytics at the Predictive Analytics World Conference in Chicago recently.

Ways to win with analytics

An infographic built from a recent Lavastorm Analytics' survey will give you a good glimpse of what is going on in the analytics community.

Is encryption the prescription for smartphone-based medical care?

The risk that patient-doctor communications could be intercepted by a third-party is significant. Encryption of data and phone conversations is an option, but that would be both expensive and cumbersome for both patient and doctor.

Big data is taking over the public sector

Many nations are immersing themselves in big data and linking to open data in their countries to aid international efforts. 

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Making a war prevention tool out of big data

Much ado is made about predictive analytics in increasing product and service sales. But the big power that is predictive analytics is capable of so much more. We have the means now to see conflict forming and therefore the opportunity to intervene before it escalates to war or genocide.

Next evolutionary step for BI: process intelligence

BI is a lot like that old adage about three scientists taking turns peering through a peephole in a fence and seeing three different parts of an elephant? One sees a bit of trunk, another sees a wrinkled huge mass, and the third catches a quick glimpse of a swinging rope-like tail. They interpret and argue their visions separately and come up with interpretations that do not reveal to them that they are seeing parts of the same thing. Evolving process intelligence is working to solve that problem. 

M2M, predictive analytics to fuel strong growth in maintenance analytics market

Machine-to-machine connectivity and predictive analytics will fuel a 22 percent compound annual growth rate in maintenance analytics revenues, which are forecast by ABI Research to total $24.7 billion in 2019.

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