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Latest Headlines

CFOs using analytics for 'what-if' scenarios in face of market uncertainty

While big data is not a crystal ball, and even predictive analytics are only right if current events stay on course, CFOs are turning to analytics anyway to plan for economic uncertainties ahead. Essentially, they're running a lot of "what-if" scenarios and planning actions they can take for each so they're ready when one of those scenarios pops into reality.

Google Calendar's new Goals feature uses predictive analytics to prevent you from becoming a workaholic

Google unveiled Tuesday a feature to its Calendar app that could help your inner workaholic strike a work/life balance.

Data monetization twist: 1 in 5 employees say they would sell their passwords

You've heard the security experts say that the biggest single threat to your data security is the inside threat, the rogue employee. In response, many companies have doubled down on security surrounding data downloads and data transfers. But the threat may be carried out in far simpler ways that are much harder to guard against: employees selling their passwords.

Teradata, Knowledgent Team on predictive analytics product for healthcare

Two analytics providers, Teradata and Knowledgent, have teamed to produce a product for healthcare providers and payers that combines predictive analytic models and behavior-based analytics. Specifically, the product is designed to reduce hospitalizations and improve preventive care for patients.

Versium launches automated Predictive Lead Score service for marketers

Versium launched a new automated service, called Predictive Lead Score service, that custom-builds predicted models for marketers on new customer acquisitions using machine learning and a database topping one trillion data points on businesses and consumers that it calls LifeData. 

The rise of algorithms for your algorithms

According to a new Frost & Sullivan report, this is the year when machine learning algorithms will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of other algorithms. A handful of big-data-savvy companies already started that process last year, leading the way, but the research firm says that fledgling trend will fully emerge this year. 

Independent insurance agents at war with predictive analytics

In a new Vertafore survey, 58 percent of independent insurance agents reported that they are "seriously threatened by predictive analytics used by insurance carriers" as they "displace the agent value proposition." That's a fancy way of saying the analytics are making agents obsolete. But these agents are not huddled behind a desk waiting on the inevitable – they're scrambling to find a way to compete with a machine. Here's your glimpse into the future of work.

Consumerized data to pin politicians to issues

Political advisors and those savvy to the political process have a saying by which they operate: "Ignore what politicians say, and instead watch how they vote. The two are rarely the same." While political races have been and are surrounded by the opposite of that wisdom – rabid furor in the base supporters fueled by the latest candidate sound bites – the consumerization of data is set to upend that paradigm.

New predictive analytics enable financial providers to coach SMBs on business decisions

RAI Stone Group launched a new predictive analytics system that combines big data and SMB past and present performance data so that financial providers can coach SMB clients on future business decisions. It also allows the financial providers to assess and mitigate risks associated with serving a specific SMB as well as capitalize on the more successful SMBs. 

Google Ventures invests in Insights-as-a-Service provider, Zephyr Health

Predictive analytics in healthcare are a little dicier because gaps exist in our knowledge of biology that create wild cards in modeling. Even so, the current trends in pooling healthcare data globally, mining past clinical trial data and patient data and adding more nuanced data that was harder or impossible to gather and analyze earlier are already rendering strong results.