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Latest Headlines

Biometrics raises privacy issues in many jurisdictions

Biometrics is often seen as the Holy Grail for mobile security. While a username and password can be forgotten or stolen, a person's fingerprint is always the same. But there are significant privacy implications of using biometrics for security, according to a recent study by PwC sponsored by Nok Nok Labs.

Burr-Feinstein encryption bill could have major 'chilling effect' on small businesses

The "big five" technology companies have made their thoughts clear on the Burr-Feinstein proposed encryption bill, but according to cloud communications platform Twilio, the legislation could have even bigger ramifications for small businesses.

How will the EU General Data Protection Regulation impact US businesses?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation, which replaces the EU Data Protection Directive that has been in place since 1995, was formally approved by the European Parliament in April, with enforcement expected to begin in early July 2018. Francoise Gilbert, a partner with the law firm of Greenberg Traurig, examines how this will impact U.S. firms doing business in Europe.

Judge puts finger on justice vs. privacy debate

The Los Angeles Times reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation obtained a search warrant compelling the girlfriend of an alleged gang member to press her finger against an iPhone seized from a Glendale, California, home in order to gain access to data of interest in the criminal investigation.

Google creates secure HTTPS-enabled versions of all blogspot blogs

In a move to support the privacy-conscious blogger, Google announced this week that it has created a secure HTTPS version of every blog on its blogspot.com domain.

'Silly old journalist'-- Congress and the encryption debate

When it comes to sorting out the FBI versus Apple controversy, Congress needs to put on their thinking caps and come up with a better solution than the Burr-Feinstein proposal. Maybe any thinking in Congress will have to wait until after the election.

Microsoft wants US-EU Privacy Shield approved

U.S. software giant Microsoft announced its support of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Monday in a blog post by John Frank, the company's vice president of EU government affairs.

Smart home convenience, efficiency come with a data security price

While the Internet of Things promises great convenience for consumers and greater efficiency for enterprises, that convenience and efficiency could come at a price in terms of data security risk.

Law enforcement requests for customer data continue upward climb, says Microsoft

Law enforcement requests for customer information jumped 11 percent in the second half of 2015, the second straight substantial increase, according to Microsoft's latest transparency report.

FTC warns Android app developers about privacy issues raised by Silverpush TV listening software

The Federal Trade Commission has sent letters to 12 Android app developers warning them about using Silverpush software, which turns on a mobile device's microphone to listen for audio signals embedded in TV ads.