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Latest Headlines

Flawed factory reset may expose millions of Android devices

A new study from Cambridge University estimates that the disk partitions of as many as 500 million Android devices may not be properly scrubbed after being reset at the factory, potentially allowing for login credentials, email messages and other personal data to be recovered.

Tech firms petition Obama over mobile phone data privacy concerns

More than 140 technolocy companies have joined forces in urging President Obama to reject legislation that they say would create "backdoor access" to personal information stored on mobile phones.

Radio Shack customer data case has broader privacy guarantee implications

With half of the states on record as opposing any data sale at all, the FTC has reportedly recommended that customer data held by bankrupt retailer Radio Shack should only be purchased by a similar company and with guaranteed privacy protections, or not at all.

Critics blast House NSA vote, fear mood in Senate

Action by the U.S. House of Representatives on the NSA's collection of telephone metadata is drawing its share of critics, and many worry about how the Senate will vote on the matter.

Roadblocks to widespread BYOD adoption

While many companies have embraced BYOD as a way to improve employee productivity and mobility, others- particularly outside of North America- have dragged their feet or even actively prohibited BYOD for their employees. A recent BetaNews article identified a number of obstacles to broader adoption of BYOD.

CIOs beware, IoT is coming

The Internet of Things revolution is under way, and CIOs need to consider way to securely incorporate IoT devices, apps and platforms into their company.

When it comes to cyberthreat audits, 'Remember the lawyers'

To paraphrase Abigail Adams, when conducting a cyberthreat audit, "remember the lawyers."

DoJ cracks down on $20M tax refund scam targeting U.S. military

Nine individuals have pled guilty to their roles in a $20 million tax fraud ring that targeted U.S. military personnel, the Department of Justice announced on Wednesday.

Google to drop China's CNNIC root certificate from Chrome browser

Google has announced that it has decided to drop the root certificate authority from China's CNNIC in the wake of the certificate debacle last week.

Hackers delivering surgical attacks via ad networks

The practice of delivering malicious ads is on the rise, according to Threatpost.