Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

US, Europe have been working on Safe Harbor 2.0 for years, says FTC Commissioner

U.S. and European leaders have in fact been working on the new version of the Safe Harbor data privacy agreement since around 2013, Julie Brill, commissioner with the Federal Trade Commission said on Thursday.

DHS to kick off cybersecurity data sharing with private sector this month

The Department of Homeland Security plans to begin sharing cybersecurity threat indicators automatically with private industry this month.

Google pumps money into startup that targets voice-based fraud in the enterprise

Google Capital, along with other investors, is pumping $75 million into Pindrop, a provider of voice fraud prevention and authentication products for enterprises. Other investors included GV, Andreesen Horowitz, IVP, Citi Ventures and Felicis, bringing Pindrop's total funding to $122 million.

Embedded password in Fortinet firewall causes alarm

The publication of a Python script that exploits a purported backdoor in vulnerable Fortinet appliances to gain unauthorized access has triggered a furor with security professionals and saw the network security firm scramble to explain itself.

Silent Circle plugs security hole in Blackphone that could give attacker control of phone

Silent Circle, make of the highly secure Blackphone, depends on the secure reputation of its phone to attract government agencies and enterprise users. So it moved purposefully to plug a security hole in Blackphone that could enable an attacker to gain remote control of the phone by exploiting a vulnerability in its Icera modem made by nVidia.

Oscobo holds privacy above all with new browser

Oscobo, a new search engine, hopes to take on Google by focusing on privacy. 

LastPass 4.0 password manager adds novel 'emergency access' feature

LogMeIn has unveiled a new version of LastPass that offers a new "Emergency Access" feature for trusted contacts to access the digital vault of users should they be incapacitated.

Cisco's Jabber client vulnerable to encryption downgrade, man-in-the-middle attacks

A vulnerability in Cisco Jabber could allow an attacker to downgrade encryption so that the client ends up transmitting in cleartext, making it vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.

HP to sell laptops with built-in privacy filter, starting later this year

HP is set to sell laptops and tablets with built-in privacy filters to help guard against visual hacking in which hackers attempt to gather information or credentials by looking over a user's shoulder. HP said the integrated privacy filter will first be available on its EliteBook 840s later this year. 

Spotlight: Apple opposes UK draft law targeted at encryption

Apple is coming out strongly against a proposed U.K. law that would require tech companies to enable the removal of encryption for law enforcement and national security data access.