Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Australian Treasury backs mandatory data breach notification law

Australia should enact a mandatory data breach notification law, recommends an interim report on the country's financial system by the Treasury.

Who's watching the watchdog?

The Information Commissioner's Office, the U.K. agency in charge of enforcing the country's data protection and privacy laws, has suffered a data breach, but released few details.

NIST group to NSA: Keep your hands off our encryption

An advisory group set up the National Institute for Standards and Technology to examine revelations about the National Security Agency's involvement in the NIST encryption process is warning that NIST must be able to reject NSA "advice" about cryptography "when warranted."

Blue Shield exposes thousands of doctors' Social Security numbers

Health insurance provider Blue Shield of California admitted to exposing Social Security numbers of 18,000 doctors in a public filing with the state's Department of Managed Health Care.

BYOD complicates data discovery process for companies

Bring-your-own-device efforts are complicating the process of preserving data for legal or regulatory discovery, and many executives are worried that they will not be able to meet data discovery mandates.

Data security--It's all about location

As data migrates across networks, borders and devices, focusing solely on the physical location of data is no longer relevant, argues market research firm Gartner.

Hacker steals Social Security numbers, other data of 163,000 people at Butler University

Personal information--including birthdates and social security numbers--of 163,000 people was recently stolen from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Supreme Court mandates warrants for cellphone searches

In what advocates are claiming is a huge victory for privacy rights, the Supreme Court yesterday set powerful limits for police searches of cellphones.

Are Supremes changing the mobile landscape?

The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued two rulings that could change the mobile landscape.

1 in 4 consumers has been card-fraud victim

One in four consumers worldwide has been the victim of card fraud, and more than one in 10 has experienced multiple fraud incidents in the last five years, according to a survey of 6,100 consumers in 20 countries.