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ICSA Labs warns about privacy, data security issues with Windows 10

While Windows 10 has many useful features, it collects data from both online and offline activity to share with partners, often for unknown reasons, warned Greg Wasson, program manager for ICSA Labs, a vendor-neutral security certification body.

Privacy vs. functionality: Does Windows 10 have an over-sharing problem?

The recently released Windows 10, like most software in this day and age, shares user information with Microsoft to create personal experiences. Users should get used to that, according to Ars...

Druva provides dashboard for IT to manage data risks on mobile devices and in the cloud

To address enterprise data security concerns about mobile and cloud, data protection firm Druva launched on Tuesday its inSync Proactive Compliance platform designed to provide IT departments with a single dashboard that enables them to see where data risks are happening on devices and in the cloud and take immediate action.

MobileIron integrates Pradeo app security service into EMM platform

MobileIron and France-based Pradeo have formed a partnership to strengthen the security of mobile apps in the enterprise. With the partnership, MobileIron customers can now use Pradeo's CheckMyApps Service to conduct security checks on the mobile apps installed on their mobile device fleet.

News Scan: Morrisons case demonstrates potential of insider threats; Most SMBs fail to provide basic privacy safeguards; More

The top news stories for July 16, 2015.

Industry Insider: Why new European privacy laws matter to US CIOs and CISOs

New EU-wide privacy laws appear certain to be introduced this year which will have impact on U.S. IT departments. Legal counsel Stephen Treglia tells CIOs and CISOs what to expect.

Infographic: US employees concerned about BYOD reimbursement

The issue of reimbursement over BYOD expenses has been a hot issue since a California court ruled last year that employers in the state had to reimburse employees for personal mobile phone call charges related to work. According to a recent survey by cloud-based mobile messaging provider Tyntec, around 62 percent of U.S. workers are concerned about BYOD reimbursement.

NSA actually snooped on criminals

The NSA actually used its all-pervasive surveillance technology to target criminals launching distributed denial-of-service attacks and exchanging data on criminal activities in hacker forums.

Spotlight: T-Mobile finally discloses U.S. government data request numbers

T-Mobile received 351,940 U.S. government requests for customer data in 2014, the most of the four major U.S. cellular carriers, CNET reported.

Hacking Team gets a taste of its own medicine

The Hacking Team, an Italian firm specializing in surveillance tools for governments and law enforcement, was hacked over the weekend and 400GB of sensitive information was published in a publicly available Torrent file.