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Latest Headlines

US consumers still have confidence in healthcare data security despite prominent breaches

Despite well-publicized breaches at U.S. healthcare insurers, consumers still have confidence in the ability of the healthcare industry to protect their data, according to a survey by Lieberman Research Group and Unisys Corp.

Feds propose rule regarding data collection under corporate wellness programs

As more companies use wearables as part of their wellness programs, the federal government is raising concerns about how companies use the health-related data collected by those devices.

US, UK spy agencies targeted antivirus software to aid surveillance

U.S. and U.K. spy agencies targeted antivirus software, particular that made by Kaspersky Lab, in order to carry out network surveillance without being detected and exploit the software to obtain sensitive data, according to documents from Edward Snowden reviewed by The Intercept.

European Council okays new data privacy rules – Now what?

After over a year of debate, lobbying and negotiation, the European Council this week approved its version of the European General Data Protection Regulation, which would replace the decades-old EU Data Protection Directive.

Here's how you can prepare now that the European Council has approved new data privacy rules

U.S. firms could confront stricter, unified data privacy regulations in Europe in the coming years, while European firms currently have to navigate through the maze of often conflicting U.S. regulations. One thing is for sure, data privacy will be an ongoing issue in U.S.-European commercial relations.

Amazon releases first report on U.S. government data requests following years of reticence

Although other U.S. companies have been eager to disclose data on how many requests they receive from national security and law enforcement agencies, Amazon has been conspicuously reticent. Well, no more. For the first time, Amazon has released information on requests from government agencies for customer data.

MobileIron kicks enterprise mobility security and privacy up a notch

Enterprises mobility management firm MobileIron, which was again named a leader by Gartner in the EMM market, is not resting on its laurels. The EMM vendor launched a number of security and privacy features Wednesday to kick enterprise mobility up a notch.

True gender equality in tech: How the privacy field found balance

The IAPP released its annual salary survey yesterday, showed a global balance between the salaries of men and women in the IT privacy field. Panelists at an event in Washington discussed how this balance is possible when tech is so traditionally unbalanced when it comes to pay. 

Researcher: DHL phishing email looks like the real thing

A security researcher writes about what appears to be a new generation of phishing emails that look just like the real thing.

Apple's Tim Cook tells tech firms to protect customer data at all costs

Apple CEO tells organizations they have a business, social and moral responsibility to protect customer data at all costs, and dismisses government arguments against data encryption.