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Latest Headlines

Code used in 'Superfish' found in more apps

Looking at what Superfish is, and why the reuse of a self-generated SSL certificate creates a security nightmare for affected computers.

News Scan: Apple's Cook warns of privacy loss 'dire consequences'; Microsoft adopts new standard for cloud privacy; More

The top news stories for Feb. 17, 2015.

Big data poses privacy, security risks, MIT study finds

Big data in the form of a massive stash of "anonymized" credit card data poses security and privacy risks, concluded a recent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

5 tips for reducing BYOD's legal risks

BYOD confronts enterprises with many risks, not the least of which are legal. In an informative article in the Seattle Business magazine, D. Michael Reilly, an attorney with the law firm of Lane Powell, offers enterprises 5 tips on how to manage the legal risks of BYOD.

News Scan: IT advocacy groups band together to increase clout; Women in IT need to raise their profile; More

The top news stories for Jan. 29, 2015.

FTC report on IoT: Many findings, little teeth

While the FTC's security and privacy recommendations for IoT devices and data are useful, they are voluntary and therefore lack teeth. Companies have little incentive to spend the extra time and money needed to implement them.

Internet users worldwide say life much improved by technology

For all of the concerns over security and privacy, an overwhelming majority of Internet users around the world believe that the Internet improves their personal and professionals lives, a new study reveals.

Spotlight: FTC warns that IoT could become privacy, security threat

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning that Internet of Things devices could pose risks to individual privacy and data security, reports the Wall Street Journal.

News Scan: IoT vendors warned to not overlook security and privacy; Federal agencies urged to ramp up female IT hiring; More

The top news stories for Jan. 7, 2015.

How to keep 'Big Brother' out of your BYOD policy

Not only do IT folks fear the security risks from BYOD, but employees fear the privacy risks as well.