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Latest Headlines

Mobile privacy can be legal minefield for enterprises

Privacy can be a legal minefield for enterprises, whether grappling with BYOD or deploying mobile apps to generate business and satisfy customers.

Lawmakers, regulators boost rhetoric around privacy

Will Washington finally enact some data privacy laws in the coming year, or won't it? Right now, it's looking like a 50-50 bet. The massive data breaches at Sony and Epsilon this spring, combined

Data privacy high on next year's policy agenda

Much has been made of the many uncertainties facing businesses and their IT executives in the year ahead, but one area in which there is sure to be movement is data privacy policy. Leaked, stolen and

FTC asks Silicon Valley to better police privacy

The Federal Trade Commission paid a visit to Silicon Valley recently with a very direct message: It's time to step up to the plate and do a better job of protecting consumer privacy and consumer

Facebook's new privacy policy

Facebook is changing its privacy policy, making it more transparent and adding plenty of video and other pages so people can understand how it works. With over 300 million people using Facebook, the