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Latest Headlines

Apple defiant about protecting iPhone data even in the face of government warrant

Apple will not turn over data from iPhones to the government even in the face of a warrant, the company said in its new privacy policy.

Mobile privacy can be legal minefield for enterprises

Privacy can be a legal minefield for enterprises, whether grappling with BYOD or deploying mobile apps to generate business and satisfy customers.

European regulators hit Google with over €1 million in fines for privacy policy changes

French and Spanish regulators have slapped Google with more than €1 million in fines for violating the European Union's data protection law.

Spotlight: Facebook delays controversial changes to privacy policy

Facebook is delaying changes to its privacy policy that appeared to allow the social networking site to use personal data and images in advertisements without the user's explicit consent, the New York Times is reporting.

Spotlight: FTC calls on mobile platforms to disclose personal data collection

The Federal Trade Commission is recommending that mobile platforms provide "just-in-time" disclosures to users about what personal information is being collected and get permission from the users to collect sensitive information.