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Latest Headlines

Remote access to corporate networks key part of Barracuda's latest next-gen firewall update

Secure remote access to the corporate network is a key part of the latest version of Barracuda Networks' next-generation firewall released this week at the RSA Conference. The firewall now includes a self-service portal for remote workers using devices running iOS, Mac and Windows to configure their virtual private network connections.

DataVault Mobile brings mobility (sort of) to the construction site

I know what you are thinking. Something that is three feet wide, four feet tall and weighs 320 pounds doesn't sound like a "mobile" device. But in the world of construction, Knaack's new DataVault Mobile is pretty handy, certainly compared to the non-mobile version.

Infographic: Mobility frustrating for employees, risky for firms

Mobility can be a frustrating experience for employees and a security nightmare for enterprises, according to data compiled by Cisco.

Spotlight: Within 3 years, employee location will not matter to most firms

Within three years, three-quarters of companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland think operations in their organization will be structured on the basis of the most efficient use of skills and resources, regardless of location, according to Cisco's TechWatch 2013 report.

Licensing, management of mobile devices present huge challenge to enterprises

Only 60 percent of enterprises track who is accessing their network remotely and how long they spend on the network, according to a survey from earlier this year of 250 IT asset managers who are members of the International Association of IT Asset Managers.

BYOD left Mississippi prison system open to 'constant attack'

Just about every organization these days needs to protect its network and data from risks associated with BYOD, and the Mississippi Department of Corrections is no exception.

Q&A: Remote access for an increasingly mobile workforce

In an interview with FierceCIO, Bill Dickerson, network security administrator, shared how he was able to implement remote access technology that enables his team of just six IT pros to support the agency's work.

Q&A on finding quick wins when merging IT support systems

Mergers and acquisitions present a well-documented host of challenges to CIOs. The task of merging different infrastructures, networks and applications is complicated by the task of uniting cultures,

Intel announces new chip to drive next-gen VoIP applications

Intel is targeting next-gen VoIP applications with its new Xeon processor tentatively called Jasper Forest, which the company said will be launched in the first half of 2010. The new processor will

FierceVoIP Leaders: Chris Lyman, CEO Fonality

FierceVoIP: How did you get the idea for Fonality? Lyman: I had purchased a start-up residential VoIP service from a friend and I realized I needed a phone system for the office. I had never priced