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Latest Headlines

5 factors managers need to consider in managing remote workers

More and more employees are doing their work outside of the traditional office. This can increase employee satisfaction, but it presents challenges to managers who must manage a dispersed workforce.

Say hello to coworking

Thanks to some of the technology they helped create, many IT workers are able to work remotely and keep an eye on their organization's IT security and stability without even stepping into the office. Now a new trend called coworking, in which various remote workers are able to work together in open office settings, can provide your remote IT workers--and remote workers in general--with their own office-like atmosphere.

IT often seen as barrier to successful telecommuting programs

American workers love telecommuting options, but a majority of employers make that work arrangement a difficult proposition. In many cases, employees say the IT department is most to blame for their challenges when working remotely.

An always-connected workforce? Absolutely, in moderation, say employees

Nearly 80 percent of U.S. employees are upbeat about using their personal computers and remote devices to stay connected to the workplace outside of normal business hours, according to a survey by Gallup. But like everything else in life, moderation is the key.

Study reveals 6 habits of highly successful virtual teams

A new study has identified the six habits of highly successful teams in the new digital environment, in which the vast majority of workers now have virtual colleagues.

Telecommuting numbers, IT challenges on rise

At least 40 percent of the workforce telecommutes now to some degree. That number is expected to increase to 50 percent by 2020, bringing greater challenges to IT to manage the practice.

Android security hole could enable attackers to bypass VPN

An Android vulnerability could enable an attacker to bypass a secure virtual private network connection and divert traffic from the Android device to a system controlled by the attacker, according to researchers at Ben-Gurion University's Cyber Security Labs in Israel.

News scan: Samsung inks Nokia patent deal; Baby Boomers lax with mobile security; more

Quick take on Monday, 11/4 news including: Samsung and Nokia team up, how Baby Boomers handle online and device security, telework policies down under, ABI's prediction of small cells and a SpiderCloud launch.

The remote worker debate: Home is where the heart is

The tech media has been quick this week to jump on reports that HP is calling remote-based workers back to the office. It follows similar action by Yahoo earlier this year. But there are plenty of reasons to allow--even promote--a remote workforce.

Infographic: Remote workers, mobility add to 'IT friction'

The increasing number of remote workers and the flood of mobile devices and apps into the enterprise are expected to greatly exacerbate the friction between IT and employees tracked in the IT Friction Index.