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Latest Headlines

Study reveals 6 habits of highly successful virtual teams

A new study has identified the six habits of highly successful teams in the new digital environment, in which the vast majority of workers now have virtual colleagues.

Telecommuting numbers, IT challenges on rise

At least 40 percent of the workforce telecommutes now to some degree. That number is expected to increase to 50 percent by 2020, bringing greater challenges to IT to manage the practice.

Android security hole could enable attackers to bypass VPN

An Android vulnerability could enable an attacker to bypass a secure virtual private network connection and divert traffic from the Android device to a system controlled by the attacker, according to researchers at Ben-Gurion University's Cyber Security Labs in Israel.

News scan: Samsung inks Nokia patent deal; Baby Boomers lax with mobile security; more

Quick take on Monday, 11/4 news including: Samsung and Nokia team up, how Baby Boomers handle online and device security, telework policies down under, ABI's prediction of small cells and a SpiderCloud launch.

The remote worker debate: Home is where the heart is

The tech media has been quick this week to jump on reports that HP is calling remote-based workers back to the office. It follows similar action by Yahoo earlier this year. But there are plenty of reasons to allow--even promote--a remote workforce.

Infographic: Remote workers, mobility add to 'IT friction'

The increasing number of remote workers and the flood of mobile devices and apps into the enterprise are expected to greatly exacerbate the friction between IT and employees tracked in the IT Friction Index.

The benefits of a remote workforce

Automattic Inc. runs a lot of busy websites--including WordPress.com--and it does it with a workforce that toils entirely from home, writes author Scott Berkun.  In a post at Harvard Business Review, Berkun outlines the business advantages he uncovered while working at Automattic for a year.

Yahoo VPN logs show remote workforce slacking off

Last week, we reported that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer mandated that telecommuting employees will no longer be able to work from home come June. The unorthodox move has led to a firestorm of interest. Many of our own readers have posted comments questioning the basis behind Mayer's decision.

Right and wrong ways to set up a remote office

Setting up a remote office presents a set of challenges whether you're accommodating a new branch location or a telecommuter's home office. To smooth the process, take a look at recommendations offered by Michael Rosenbaum, founder and CEO of Catalyst IT Services.

Absence makes the worker's heart grow fonder

People who work remotely are more committed and engaged in their work--and they think more highly of their leaders--than those who work in the office, according to research by author and consultant Scott Edinger.