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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Point-of-sale terminals need attention, obviously

Well, now that Target and Niemann Marcus and Michael's and... we're losing track of who's been hacked and how, but it sure seems like time to pay attention to your point-of-sale terminals (at last). 

Big data changes in big box stores

Retailing has operated in pretty much the same way since shopkeepers figured out how to leverage in-store credit, point of purchase displays, endcaps, and loss leaders. But now big data is pulverizing the traditional retail model, particularly in big box stores. Competitors who don't use big data are left to deal with the dust and rubble as best they can. 

Retailers shouldn't underestimate value of mobile shopping apps

Given the ubiquity of smartphones, it's hardly a surprise that shoppers are relying on them to make informed purchasing decisions on the fly. What is surprising, however, is which apps are getting the most attention.

Gamification meets big data FTW

Gamification is about a lot of things but it's not about games. Essentially, it is an innovative and interactive way to engage customers and drive their behaviors which is why it is the darling of retail. But when it's married to big data, gamification gets really interesting.

Wal-Mart doubles down, acquires predictive intelligence tool maker Inkiru

Retailers continue to be aggressive about data analytics. This week, Walmart--actually its Silicon Valley-based "innovation lab" @WalmartLabs--announced that it is acquiring predictive analytics software vendor Inkiru, as reported on  TechCrunch.

Focus on the decisions, not the data (duh!)

The shortest route to big data failure: Fascination with the tools instead of the business problem to be solved.

Loop simplifies customer survey process using iPad app

Startup Loop's app enables enterprises to conduct immediate surveys using an iPad, according to a report by TechCrunch.

Survey shows mobile technology enhances in-store experience for customers

A new survey from Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) regarding shopping habits indicates that 75 percent of retail associates and managers questioned believe they provide better in-store customer