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Latest Headlines

Pepperi releases mobile e-commerce app for retailers to connect to B2B wholesalers

Mobile order management company Pepperi Wednesday announced the launch of Pepperi Mobile Storefront, an app to provide retailers self-service ordering from brands and wholesalers using iOS and Android devices.

BYOD helps keep customers--and employees--satisfied

Retailers are bringing BYOD to their associates on the retail sales floor for faster, more effective customers service, noted an article at Retail Dive.

Spotlight: Backoff POS malware has infected more than 1,000 US firms

The Backoff point-of-sale malware, which steals credit and debit card data, has infected more than 1,000 U.S. firms, and their systems, according to the latest US-CERT update.

Backoff malware infects POS systems at 600 retailers

The Backoff malware, detailed in a US-CERT alert, has already infected point-of-sale systems at 600 retailers, according to security firm Trustwave.

Remote desktop software opens retailers' doors to POS malware

Remote desktop software, made by Microsoft, Apple, Google and others, is opening up retailers' networks to point-of-sale malware attacks by cybercriminals.

IDC: 5 critical actions retailers should take in going mobile

More and more retailers are looking to mobile solutions to increase customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty and improve business performance. There are five critical actions that can "make or break" their mobile solutions, says market research firm IDC

Infographic: Top mobile 'movers and shakers' in retail

This year, retailers are all about mobile. In light of this trend, Shop.org has put together an infographic that lists the top mobile "movers and shakers" in retail.

New study reveals big data trends in retailing

Unlike many other technologies, retailers are adopting big data at a higher rate than their usual drag-feet adoption tendencies in the past. This is likely due to the fact that price pressures remain high and margins are increasingly pushed low. Indeed, if I'm surprised at anything in this report it is that big data's use in pricing was not pulled out specifically.

Attorney general wants security breach alerts mandated

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder wants the nation's retailers to be more accountable for security breach reponse, and has called for new legislation that would mandate consumer alerts when systems are compromised.

News Scan: Retailers buying up mobile startups; Rise and fall of Flappy Bird; more

Quick rundowns on the latest mobile IT for Friday, 2/14 including: why retailers are making a fuss over the acquisition of mobile startups, heart-rate monitors and sports devices will continue to run the wearables market, why the creator of Flappy Bird has retired his wings and his addictive game, who Verizon is targeting with its M2M initiatives and what the expected legalization of mobile gambling in U.S. states will do for the industry.