Return on Investment (ROI)

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Mobile ROI not persuasive for many CIOs

Enterprise mobility can be a serious investment, and a recent survey finds that many chief information officers just aren't convinced it's a good place to spend IT dollars.

How much a CRM system is worth to you

When it comes to CRM software, ROI varies dramatically depending on an organization's channel structure, competitive status and process maturity, warns David Taber, author and CEO of consulting firm SalesLogistix.

Q&A: Getting workload automation to do everything but bring you coffee

Recorded Books, which produces audiobooks on cassettes and CDs, maintains a website where thousands of public libraries can send their patrons to download recorded texts off the Internet for free. In an interview with FierceCIO, Pyland discussed what he looked for in selecting an automation solution and the challenges he faced in implanting it.

Taking the fear, uncertainty and doubt out of security

Insiders remain the top network security threat for IT leaders, but malicious attacks and end user downloads of non-approved applications come in a close second, according to an informal poll

CFOs explain what they want from IT

CFOs tend to hold the cards these days when it comes to deciding whether an IT investment moves forward, and so it can be helpful to know in advance what they're looking for. CFOs from several

How to boost worker productivity by using the technology you have

We know that many features and functions of enterprise technologies go unused, sometimes simply because employees don't know how to make the most of them. CIOs looking to increase the ROI of IT

Get your CFO to buy into IT projects

If you can convince your chief financial officer that your IT project can make money, you will have a worthy advocate in your corner. A new survey from CFO Research Services and Micro Focus finds

Green IT heats up

There's growing pressure on private companies to invest in green IT, but the return on investment is hard to quantify, according to a new study from CompTIA. The study finds that green IT is a

Data loss prevention market on upswing

A survey sponsored by Dimension Data and performed by analyst firm IDC has found that the market for data loss prevention products will be growing, reports eWeek.com. The survey discovered that 57

Job tips for tough economic times

If a dwindling 401k and questionable job security keep you awake at night, you're not alone. Experts are offering IT professionals advice on how to handle these tough times and remain employed. By