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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Most CIOs believe wearables will become common workplace tool

Most CIOs believe that wearables will become a commonly used workplace tool, according to a survey of 2,400 CIOs by Robert Half Technology.

Infographic: It pays to be a mobile app developer

Mobile app developers are seeing the highest pay hikes of any IT professionals, according to a salary survey by Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group.

Infographic: Same cybersecurity worries plague CIOs across the Pond

Chief information officers at U.K. enterprises are facing similar IT security challenges to their counterparts in the United States. 

Wanted: Mobile tech strategy

The main takeaway from a Robert Half Technology survey is that more than one-quarter of CIOs still do not have a mobile tech strategy, even though mobility is a reality at most organizations. Deploying mobile technologies without a well thought out strategy is just asking for trouble.

UK IT pros with mobile commerce background getting bigger pay checks

UK IT professionals with mobile commerce experience are among those receiving the biggest salary increased, according to Robert Half Technology 2014 Salary Guide.

UK catching the BYOD bug

While most of Europe has been dragging its feet on BYOD, it seems that the United Kingdom is an exception to that trend.

Confusing messages on networking pros salary demand

Recent reports on the hiring demand and the earnings potential of networking pros have reported very different findings. Depending on who you read, the salary changes this year for networking pros range from dramatic increases to quite flat. Since salary changes are a reflection of job demand, the same predictions can be drawn for job growth in this area.

Survey finds most CIOs left behind in big data wave

One can't make sense of disparate data sets if data isn't being collected in the first place. That's where 76 percent of CIOs find themselves in this new rush to perform big data analytics, lacking the data to analyze, according to a new survey by consulting firm and professional services provider Robert Half Technology.

Nearly half of U.S. businesses to have mobile apps this year

By year's end, almost half of U.S. businesses will offer a mobile app, according to a survey by Robert Half Technology. If your business plans to be one of them, you might want to start lining up

Survey says workers ruder thanks to mobile devices

Robert Half Technology has conducted a survey of 1,400 CIOs with 100 employees or more asking whether the proliferation of mobile electronic devices has increased rudeness in the workplace. Fifty-one