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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Rovio's ToonsTV channel tops 1B views, 'Angry Birds Toons' Season 2 on tap

Rovio Entertainment will begin airing the second season of its  Angry Birds Toons  animated series in 2014, concurrently premiering a new series spotlighting the publisher's  Bad Piggies  franchise and its popular Stella the pink bird character.

Rovio prepping 'Angry Birds Star Wars' sequel integrating interactive toys

Rovio Entertainment and Lucasfilm Ltd. will launch the sequel to their bestselling  Angry Birds Star Wars  on Sept. 19. The publisher did not specify which operating systems it will target, but promised the title would go live "in app stores worldwide."

Rovio appoints Nokia veteran Suila as new COO, fueling IPO buzz

Angry Birds  creator Rovio Entertainment has named longtime Nokia executive Teemu Suila as its new chief operating officer.

'Angry Birds' maker branches into third-party app development with Rovio Stars

Rovio Entertainment launched a new game publishing program, Rovio Stars, which promotes mobile titles from third-party developers, a first for the mobile gaming giant. The first title to be launched through the initiative is  Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage  from Nitrome Ltd. No release date was given for  Icebreaker.

Rovio Account lets users sync games across multiple devices

Rovio Entertainment unveiled Rovio Account, which enables gamers to save their progress on one device and resume playing on another device.

Rovio integrates with Facebook for 'Angry Birds Friends'

Rovio Entertainment is rolling out Angry Birds Friends, a new version of the blockbuster physics game franchise integrated with Facebook to support new social interactions.

Starbucks' 'Pick of the Week' goes mobile with 'Angry Birds Star Wars' giveaway

Starbucks is overhauling its long-running Pick of the Week digital content promotion and will now offer consumers free mobile applications and e-books directly through its branded app for Apple's iOS.

Rovio doubles revenues in 2012, total game downloads eclipse 1.7B

Rovio Entertainment reported full-year 2012 revenues of $195 million, up from $97 million the previous year, fueled by continuing demand for its Angry Birds games as well as branded merchandise.

Rovio rethinks the mobile gaming biz, Samsung mocks it

Rovio Entertainment's long-awaited Angry Birds Toons is finally coming to a television near you--maybe. The 52-episode animated series, which fleshes out the saga of the blockbuster mobile game's title characters and the Bad Piggies who stole their eggs, will premiere March 16 on selected television networks overseas and expand a day later to some video-on-demand platforms, including Comcast's Xfinity on Demand in the U.S. More importantly, it will screen across every title in the Angry Birds franchise.

Rovio adds video to its games, will promote 'Angry Birds' cartoon

Rovio Entertainment is launching a video distribution channel spanning across all of its  Angry Birds  titles, enabling fans to view the company's new  Angry Birds Toons  animated series via smartphones and tablets.