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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Janam teams with T-Mobile distributor for rugged mobile solution 'in a box'

Janam Technologies, a provider of rugged mobile devices for industry, has teamed with T-Mobile distributor One Shop Wireless to offer business customers a complete mobile solution "in a box."

Rugged tablet shipments continue strong growth, says VDC

Tablets remain the strongest segment of the rugged device market, according to the latest stats from VDC Research.

Rugged mobile devices facing tough times

Rugged mobile devices are essential for difficult work environments, such as manufacturing plants, oil and gas rigs or military battlefields. But rugged devices are facing increasing pressure from consumer-grade devices, which are gaining greater acceptance among mobile field workers.

Spotlight: Panasonic introduces 2 enterprise-grade Toughpad tablets

Panasonic introduced on Tuesday two new enterprise-grade Toughpad tablets-- the Toughpad FZ-G1, a 10-inch tablet with the Windows 8 Pro operating system, and the Toughpad JT-B1, a 7-inch Android-powered tablet.