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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Facebook to pass Google for mobile ad lead; Salesforce puts Lightning into mobile apps; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT story for Wednesday, Oct. 15, including Facebook passing Google in mobile ad revenue by 2016, Salesforce launching Lightning as a mobile app development platform, how the feds are considering the safety of cell tower workers, how much Indian insurers are spending on mobile devices and Qualcomm's shipment of the world's first 28nm transceiver.

Spotlight: Dyre malware targets Salesforce users to steal customer data

Dyre malware, a variant of the Zeus banking Trojan, has recently shifted its targets from financial institutions to Salesforce users to steal customer information held by businesses.

Enterprises get ready: Here comes Apple's 'iTime'

As enterprises brace for a deluge of wearable devices, one of the last holdouts, Apple, just secured a key patent for its fabled smartwatch.

Salesforce plugs into enterprise wearables market with Salesforce Wear

To tap into that growing enterprise wearables market, customer relationship management software giant Salesforce.com is launching Salesforce Wear, CRM software and developer tools for wearable devices.

Seismic integrates with Salesforce1 to deliver personalized content

Salesforce  customers using the vendor's mobile cloud platform,  Salesforce1, just got a big boost in workflow efficiency.  Seismic  has launched its sales enablement solution on Salesforce1 to help sales reps access company content from mobile devices.

News Scan: Microsoft, Salesforce team on mobile CRM; Startup Hipmunk pockets $20M; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Friday, May 30, including the mobile deal between Salesforce and Microsoft, Hipmunk's new windfall, the immigration of gamers to mobile devices, the expected rise in VoLTE users and the joint venture between Spotify and Adidas.

5 hot apps: Facebook learns to listen; Pareup wastes not; more

A roundup of the 5 hottest apps of the week.

5 tips for developing top-flight enterprise mobile apps

The average smartphone has more computing power than NASA used to put a man on the moon. What does that mean for the enterprise? Those devices are being wasted if employees are just using them to check email and send text messages or play Angry Birds.

SpringCM joins with SteelBrick on new SFDC app offering

With a focus on mobile, sales and particularly Salesforce users, cloud-based content management provider SpringCM has partnered with an app company--SteelBrick--which creates price quoting apps, to release a new application to help speed up sales cycles. 

2013 Merger and Acquisition Roundup

2013 was an unpredictable year for mergers and acquisitions in the content management space.