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Latest Headlines

APX Labs receives $13M from investors, including GE, for enterprise wearables platform

APX Labs – a company known for Skylight, its smartglasses platform for enterprises – just added $13 million to its pockets after its latest funding round.

US is home to almost half of all major cloud data centers

This may come as little surprise, but nearly half of all major cloud and Internet data centers are located in the United States of America. This is according to Synergy Research, which indicated 44 percent of such data centers are located in the U.S.

Mobile devices 'dramatically improved' 78% of employees' work lives

Seismic surveyed attendees at Salesforce's Dreamforce conference last week on how their teams use mobile devices and the value they see in them. Seventy-eight percent of workers who use mobile devices believe the tech has dramatically improved their work life in 2015, according to the surveyt.

May the Force.com be with you

All week I've been paying attention to Dreamforce news in the hopes of catching some tidbits of information about the company's Force.com platform-as-a-service, but Salesforce has focused more on its customer relationship management products, as well as its new capabilities around the Internet of Things.

Brisk tool integrates third-party Salesforce apps to combine data for analysis

At the Dreamforce conference this week in San Francisco, Brisk launched a new tool which integrates all third-party Salesforce apps to extract and analyze all that data for sales teams. The tool then delivers predictive next steps to aid salespeople in reaching their sales goals via an auto-generated "to-do" list.

Livefyre pairs with Salesforce and Adobe to deliver branded content

Livefyre  is having a busy week with news of two new and distinct partnerships with Salesforce and Adobe. Each pairing brings benefits to brands interested in upping their content marketing and social engagement game.

Accenture cloud services get a big boost with Cloud Sherpas acquisition

Accenture is building up its cloud services business with the acquisition of Cloud Sherpas, a cloud advisory firm that supports Google, ServiceNow and Salesforce cloud offerings.

With IoT Cloud, Salesforce will pull in data from connected devices

Salesforce announced today a set of new services that will allow businesses to feed data from connected devices into Salesforce. With the new technology, Salesforce hopes users will be able to garner better insight on their customer relationships as devices report in real time.

Salesforce unveils app cloud for development, management of enterprise apps

Salesforce launched Thursday its Salesforce App Cloud, a platform aimed at enterprises to build, run and manage apps.The new platform will let developers use its Lightning app building tools, and since this offering is closely tied to Salesforce1, the company's mobile platform, shipping apps to mobile users will be inherent in the development process.

Capriza adds new features to WorkSimple platform to add context to legacy apps

Capriza today announced the release of new features to help mobile workers more readily access frequent processes across the many enterprise apps it supports.