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Latest Headlines

Spring Mobile teams with Salesforce to improve field operations

Spring Mobile Solutions, a provider of mobile apps for field operations in the consumer goods industry, is teaming with Salesforce to make Spring's mobileSales and mobleRetail apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange, reported Consumer Goods Technology.

Salesforce makes core functionality of new Sales Cloud B2B service available on mobile app

Salesforce announced Thursday the release of two new features for its Sales Cloud B2B product and proved once again its interest in mobile interactions by placing core functionalities in its Salesforce1 mobile app, according to a release from the company.

Salesforce relies on users to develop popular wearable enterprise apps

Many companies aiming to push their enterprise platforms to wearables have faced a hurdle in the form of building relevant use cases for their customers. One success story, Salesforce, has created a popular wearable experience by giving control of app development to the person who knows the user best--the user himself.

5 enterprise apps that do mobile right

It seems like everyone is scrambling to offer productivity apps for mobile workers these days. Well, here are the top five most popular mobile enterprise apps, according to Wendyann Lewis with TabTimes.

Salesforce launches 'Predictive Decisions' capability for marketers

Predictive marketing has been a troublesome challenge for some time now. Salesforce is aiming to alleviate many of the associated frustrations through its recently announced Predictive Decisions capability which promises to put data science squarely in the hands of marketers.  

Salesforce app for Apple Watch will create productivity at a glance, says Salesforce exec

Salesforce Monday announced its development of an app for the Apple Watch, a tool compatible with its suite of current mobile offerings.

Jasper teams with SAP, Salesforce to tap into enterprise potential of IoT devices

Jasper, an Internet of Things provider, is teaming with SAP and Salesforce to enable enterprises to collect and analyze IoT device data to improve product design and customer relationships.

Salesforce beefs up mobile offering for business intelligence

More and more, business managers want to access meaningful intelligence wherever they might be. Mobile is the next frontier for analytics, and Salesforce is charging ahead with the introduction Thursday of three new features for its Wave Analytics Cloud.

Jive comes out with 3 new mobile apps in the face of steep competition from giant vendors

Jive announced today the planned release of three "workstyle" mobile apps to emulate the experience users have come to expect from "lifestyle" apps used outside the enterprise. While the features of the suite seem like something a mobile workforce would make use of, Jive is still facing an uphill battle to separate itself from entrenched competition.

Salesforce Files Connect offers universal file sharing with SharePoint

After more than a year in development, Salesforce.com has announced the release of Salesforce Files Connect, a tool for sharing, browsing and searching SharePoint files. Microsoft OneDrive will be supported by February, 2015, and support for additional repositories, including Google Drive, will be added over the next few months.