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Latest Headlines

How to get everyone to participate in software development

Adam Seligman, senior vice president of developer relations at Salesforce, wants the number of developers in the world to increase by at least five times. And he wants everyone to be involved in the software development process.

Speakeasy's mobile app seeks to bring efficiency to conference calling

Startup Speakeasy released Tuesday its flagship mobile app for an improved conference calling experience. While the conference calling space has been filled recently with dial-in services and digital call centers, the Speakeasy Conference Calling app looks to cut itself a slice of market share with straightforward features and workflow integration.

Citrix unveils new XenMobile features, including a security wrapper for Salesforce app

Citrix unveiled a number of new features to its XenMobile enterprise mobility management platform at the Citrix Synergy conference, which kicks off Tuesday in Orlando, Florida.

8 Apple Watch apps, accessories every professional needs

The Apple Watch has made its grand debut today, with many folks in the enterprise slipping the new wearable on. While fashion may keep commuters oohing and ahhing as they stare at peoples' wrists, there are apps and accessories already on their way to pushing this watch from fun gadget into a daily work companion. 

Spotlight: Salesforce for HP emphasizes mobile, social

Salesforce is placing the emphasis of its new Salesforce for HR app squarely on mobile and social connections.

Salesforce exec: 'Very possible' you will be able to run your business from a wearable within 5 years

Wearables will alter the business landscape and soon be as common as a smartphone in the enterprise, according to a survey from CRM software company Salesforce. Just as smartphones revolutionized the way organizations operate, wearables have the same potential to impact professional workflows.

Spring Mobile teams with Salesforce to improve field operations

Spring Mobile Solutions, a provider of mobile apps for field operations in the consumer goods industry, is teaming with Salesforce to make Spring's mobileSales and mobleRetail apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange, reported Consumer Goods Technology.

Salesforce makes core functionality of new Sales Cloud B2B service available on mobile app

Salesforce announced Thursday the release of two new features for its Sales Cloud B2B product and proved once again its interest in mobile interactions by placing core functionalities in its Salesforce1 mobile app, according to a release from the company.

Salesforce relies on users to develop popular wearable enterprise apps

Many companies aiming to push their enterprise platforms to wearables have faced a hurdle in the form of building relevant use cases for their customers. One success story, Salesforce, has created a popular wearable experience by giving control of app development to the person who knows the user best--the user himself.

5 enterprise apps that do mobile right

It seems like everyone is scrambling to offer productivity apps for mobile workers these days. Well, here are the top five most popular mobile enterprise apps, according to Wendyann Lewis with TabTimes.