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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Samsung launches Smart WLAN system at Gitex

Samsung is looking to capture a bigger piece of the enterprise networking market.

Move over Touch ID: Swedish biometrics company makes moves in touch sensor space

Sweden-based Fingerprint Cards is getting a lot of recognition from tech giants like Google, LG and Huawei for its fingerprint technology that can be embedded in smartphones.

Spotlight: Samsung teams with Thomson Reuters on mobile B2B products for financial, legal markets

Samsung announced Friday that it is teaming with Thomson Reuters, a provider of information products to businesses, to develop business-to-business products targeted at the financial and legal markets.

Apple's 'Chipgate' offers confusing data, reasonable explanations

Apple has found itself in a bit of a bind after admitting two different manufacturers made the A9 processors in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Chips, not smartphones, fuel first Samsung profit growth in 2 years

Samsung said Wednesday that its operating profits are expected to rise almost 80 percent year-over-year in the third quarter after two years' of decline, based on the strength not of its smartphone sales but of its chips and display sales, reported the Wall Street Journal.

Linux Foundation report shows open source isn't always efficient, but that's the beauty of it

The Linux Foundation today for the first time released an analysis of the estimated value of its Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects, and one project stands out as taking the bulk of effort for the organization and its members: Tizen.

Samsung's 950 Pro SSD delivers 2500MB/sec read speeds

Samsung has unveiled its fastest consumer solid-state drive to date, which comes in the form of the 950 Pro SSD. Available in the newer M.2 2280 form factor, the drive uses V-NAND and NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface) technology under the hood to offer sequential read speeds of 2,500MB/sec and write speeds of 1,500MB/sec.

How Samsung's and Apple's new phone leasing programs might impact the enterprise

Samsung may be following Apple's lead and planning to introduce a phone leasing program directly to users, according to a report on Forbes that cites unnamed sources. For businesses, this new development may add a new wrinkle to an already-complicated BYOD reimbursement process.

Infographic: Here's how cellphones replaced everything

It was around 1997 – almost 15 years after Motorola released the DynaTac, the first commercial cellphone – that mobile phones started replacing or "disrupting" scores of common product categories. Since, cellphones have continue on this path. We took a look back to the very beginning of the cellphone market to examine just how disruptive the technology has been over time.

Chip shot: Qualcomm, MediaTek absent from most popular smartphone models

The most popular smartphones are not powered by the processors from mobile chip powerhouses Qualcomm and MediaTek, according to the latest stats from Strategy Analytics.