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Lessons learned from the Samsung malware that wasn't

The purported discovery of keylogger software by security consultant Mohamed Hassan, on two separate models of Samsung laptops, had many wondering if they were witnessing a replay of Sony BMG's

Red faces all around over the Samsung keylogger that wasn't

A virtual firestorm erupted this week over purported keylogger software in a brand new laptop, discovered by Mohamed Hassan, a certified security professional (CISSP, CISA). The news was first

Microsoft rolling out first major Windows Phone 7 update in phases

Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) first major update to the Windows Phone 7 will happen slowly to make sure there aren't any snafus like customers experienced in February when they downloaded WP7's very

Samsung aims to make Android more enterprise friendly

Samsung is looking to sell more smartphones and tablets to the enterprise by making the Android platform more enterprise ready. Samsung said it's developing its own software, changing its sales

Samsung announces smaller, thinner GalaxyTab devices

During the wireless industry's annual CTIA Wireless 2011 trade show in Orlando, Fla., Samsung announced updates to its GalaxyTab line, introducing two new tablets that include an 8.9-inch device

The phones of CTIA Wireless 2011

ORLANDO, Fla.--The annual CTIA Wireless trade show here is a reliable location for a range of new handset and device announcements. Vendors from across the spectrum often via for attention and hype

Microsoft delays first major update for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has delayed until the end of March the rollout of its first major Windows Phone 7 update that features a cut-and-paste capability. The move comes after Microsoft experienced

Samsung: Launch of Galaxy Tab 10.1 will go ahead as planned

Samsung will not be going back to the drawing board over the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet after all. When interviewed in the wake of the iPad 2 unveiling last week, a Samsung executive was quoted as

Samsung announces business-centric Android smartphone

Samsung will introduce a business-centric Android smartphone that features a Qwerty keyboard. Another highlighted feature includes better battery life. Samsung said its Social Hub Premium app

Microsoft resumes Windows Phone 7 update post Samsung glitch

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has resumed rolling out a new Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system update roughly a week after some users reported the patch disabled WP7-based smartphones manufactured by