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Latest Headlines

Samsung Galaxy S III is biggest challenger yet to iPhone 4S

When you start using the Samsung Galaxy S III, it's just like using any other well-designed Android phone. It has the usual configurable home screen, the pages of app icons and the usual Google features, such as requiring you to have a Gmail account in order to use the phone. But then you notice the differences.

Google rolls out Android Jelly Bean to AT&T, T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus phones

Google is now rolling out its Android 4.1 mobile operating system update to select devices, beginning with Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

AT&T updates Galaxy Note to Android 4.0

AT&T has released Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich, for the Samsung Galaxy Note, as well as for Galaxy S II and Galaxy S II Skyrocket. On the Galaxy Note, the upgrade to Android 4.0 includes some new apps, plus it provides support for the Google Chrome browser.

Samsung confirms Android Jelly Bean updates, rivals still non-committal

Samsung Electronics confirmed it will upgrade a number of devices to run Google's new Android 4.1 operating system update, but many of the handset manufacturer's biggest rivals have not yet made their plans clear.

Microsoft says it will not build its own phone

A Microsoft spokesperson denied any such plans amid rumors.

Samsung having enterprise mobile-cloud ambitions?

Could Samsung, widely acknowledged as the market share leader in the smartphone sector, get into the enterprise cloud services game? This week, while announcing its new Galaxy S III smartphone, the company indicated it is thinking about doing just that.

Impending patent wars are bad for mobile innovation

If there is one thing that's certain about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, beyond the crowds and the hype, it's that another round of patent wars is sure to erupt between Apple and Samsung.

Galaxy S III opens to huge crowds in London, other cities

The Galaxy S III is the closest that Samsung has come yet to producing a clone of the iPhone 4S.

Samsung's big news is the Galaxy Note

This isn't just the Palm Pilot revisited.

First Look: Samsung releases Galaxy Note for the enterprise

At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy Note seems like an odd device...