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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: 600M Samsung devices at risk from Swiftkey keyboard flaw

More than 600 million Samsung devices might be at risk from a security flaw in the Swift keyboard update software, according to a report by The Guardian.

Samsung invests in French IoT network startup SIGFOX

Samsung has invested an undisclosed sum in SIGFOX, a French startup that is developing a low-energy, low-cost cellular network for IoT devices. In addition, Samsung is integrating its ARTIK IoT platform with SIGFOX's IoT network protocol.

Microsoft, Samsung may be secretly working to respond to Apple-IBM enterprise mobility partnership

A number of recent developments suggest that Microsoft and Samsung might be considering closer collaboration in the enterprise mobility market as an answer to the Apple-IBM's partnership.

Report: Google working on IoT operating system under Android brand

Google is working on an operating system to run Internet of Things devices under the Android brand, according to a report by The Information, citing people familiar with the project.

Samsung releases beta version of Flow, its response to Apple's Continuity

To compete with Apple's Continuity, Samsung has released on Google Play the beta version of its Flow app, which enables users to sync their app activity across devices.

Samsung reveals Project Orbis, its response to Apple Watch

Korean electronics firm Samsung has revealed details of a smartwatch it is working on that appears to be its answer to the Apple Watch.

Samsung launches family of ARTIK IoT development platforms

This week, Samsung took another step on its Internet of Things journey by unveiling its family of ARTIK platforms to help developers build IoT apps, reported eWeek.

Samsung hopes Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are as popular in enterprise as they are in consumer market

Samsung is hoping that enterprises will be just as impressed as consumers by the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones, which have a number of enterprise-ready features.

Samsung plans innovation in enterprise wearable space

Here at FierceMobileIT we've been curious about the use of wearables within the enterprise. We've covered everything from Google Glass at airports to Apple Watch in factories, and now Samsung is detailing its plans for innovation within the enterprise wearable space.

Galaxy Tab A is latest product in Samsung's enterprise push

Not wanting Apple to run away with the mobile enterprise market, Samsung has been focusing on developing mobile devices and security platforms, like KNOX, to convince IT departments that its products are right for the workplace. Its latest effort is the new Galaxy Tab A loaded with enterprise-ready features.