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Latest Headlines

Samsung holding Apple's innovation hostage, warns IHS

Samsung is the market leader in memory, while Apple has no memory making capabilities and refuses to use Samsung as a memory supplier, limiting Apple's ability to innovate, according to a new report by IHS.

Samsung unveils Galaxy Gear smartwatch

As expected, Samsung took the wraps off its Galaxy Gear "smartwatch" at the IFA consumer-electronics show on Wednesday.

Samsung teams with Lookout to beef up Android phone security

Samsung is expected to announce Wednesday that it is beefing up security for its Android phones by teaming with anti-virus software firm Lookout, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Details of Galaxy Gear smartwatch leaked to the public

Additional details about the Samsung Galaxy Gear "smartwatch" have leaked.

App-enabled smartwatch shipments to reach 36 million units by 2018, says Juniper

App-enabled smartwatch shipments are forecast by Juniper Research to reach 36 million units by 2018, up from one million in 2013.

Court rules Apple, Samsung do not have to disclose financial information

A U.S. appeals court overturned a lower court ruling requiring Apple and Samsung to disclose financial information submitted to the court as part of their smartphone patent litigation.

Apple continues to lose market share to Samsung, other competitors

Despite increasing sales, Apple continued to lose market share in smartphone handsets to Samsung, LG, Lenovo and ZTE in the second quarter of 2013, according to the latest stats from Gartner.

Friday's a hot day in the Apple-Samsung patent wars

Still reeling from the U.S. Trade Representative's veto of its iPhone, iPad ban, the U.S. International Trade Commissionis again considering a smartphone import ban, this time against Samsung.

US Trade Rep overturns ITC's import ban of iPhones and iPads

The U.S. Trade Representative has vetoed a decision by the U.S. International Trade Commission that would have imposed an import ban on certain Apple iPhone and iPad models sold by AT&T for violating Samsung's patents.

Apple, Samsung spur demand for light, proximity sensors

Light and proximity sensors in mobile handsets and tablets are set for double-digit growth within a five-year period, spurred by demand from Samsung and Apple, predicts IHS.