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Latest Headlines

New Samsung Chromebook 2 devices set to arrive in April

Though there is evidence that Chromebooks are getting more popular, they are hardly taking off. The new devices from Samsung look decent, though they sport a higher price tag that detracts somewhat from the appeal of Chromebooks. We'll reserve our final judgment until we can test it out.

News Scan: Mobile ads are not your father's online ads; Tablet sales surge 68%; more

Quick rundown on the latest mobile IT news for Monday, 3/3 including: why migrating banner ads to mobile is a bad idea for marketers, Freescale Semiconductor creates a new microcontroller for wearables, tablets gain ground in 2013 as a whole while Apple shrinks, speedier 802.11ac access helps grow WLAN gear revenue and Apple's plans to expand its product line-up.

Report: Samsung to ditch Android in Galaxy Gear 2

While a rumor at this point, the move to its own platform has been hailed as a smart move in general.

Can Microsoft's new captain right the mobile ship?

With little mobile experience, Microsoft's new CEO, Satya Nadella, will need to turn Microsoft's fortunes around in the mobility space or risk losing its dominant position in enterprise IT.

News Scan: IT mobile spending to top $500B; Samsung tallies 166M business users; more

Quick rundown on the latest mobile IT news for Wednesday, 2/5 including: the hefty spending on mobile devices by IT, Samsung's estimates on BYOD and corporate-liable mobile users, Juniper's predictions for the augmented reality products market, WLAN's impact on enterprise edge revenue and the increase of Apple iOS' tablet market share.

Enterprise purchases of tablets to accelerate this year, predicts IDC

Enterprise purchases of tablets are forecast by IDC to accelerate in mature markets in 2014 and beyond, while consumer purchases are expected to slow due to market saturation and greater competition for the consumer dollar.

News Scan: Can't we all just get along; Samsung mulls iris scanner; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Thursday, Jan. 9, including the launch of a mediation process between Apple and Samsung, iris scanners as the next security feature for Samsung phones, the best tablets for mobile workers, Azzurri's new mobile enterprise unit and the unveiling of wireless chargers for Apple products at CES.

News Scan: Samsung's enterprise push; Security worries stall mobile banking; more

Quick takes on the latest mobile IT news for Wednesday, 1/8 including: the latest service from Samsung, why users aren't exactly jazzed about mobile banking, the new BlackBerry CEO's attempts to bring the firm back into the race, BYOD risk warnings ring through the U.K. and the forecast number of PC and mobile device shipments for 2014.

Wearables will wow them in Vegas

Wearable devices will be the focus of attention at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show being held next week in Las Vegas.

Samsung bests Apple as top enterprise smartphone vendor, judges ABI

Samsung is the top vendor when it comes to enterprise smartphone offerings, edging out Apple for the honor, says ABI Research.