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Latest Headlines

Mobile M2M: It's not just cellular anymore

When you think of mobile machine-to-machine communications, you usually think cellular connectivity. What about remote areas or the three-quarters of the planet covered by ocean? Well, that's where satellites come in.

Google plans 180 satellite fleet for $1B to provide Internet connectivity to underdeveloped regions

In a move with the potential to revolutionize the way many people access the Internet, sources at Google have revealed plans to launch a fleet of 180 satellites that would provide networking services to areas with low levels of connectivity. The plan would cost $1 billion--or more--and could be the first step in a greater effort to create a far-reaching satellite network.

FCC streamlines approval process for in-flight Wi-Fi systems

The Federal Communications Commission announced last week that it is streamlining the licensing process for in-plane, satellite-based Wi-Fi systems, which employ antennas mounted on aircraft that connect to satellites, providing two-way, in-flight broadband services to passengers and crews.