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Latest Headlines

Microsoft tries to energize devices business with exec changes

Microsoft announced a few organizational changes at the company Wednesday, most notably that Stephen Elop – who left Microsoft to take the helm of Nokia, only to return to Microsoft when it acquired the handset maker – is once again leaving the company.

Microsoft's mobile productivity trifecta complete with Wunderlist acquisition

Microsoft has reportedly agreed to acquire Berlin-based startup 6Wunderkinder, the creator of popular to-do list app Wunderlist, for $100 million to $200 million. Wunderlist will join Accompli (now under the Outlook brand) and Sunrise to form a triumvirate of productivity apps that exhibit Microsoft and CEO Satya Nadella's new "if you can't beat them, buy them" philosophy.

Rumored iOS-only Microsoft app is good sign for enterprise users

Rumors abound that Microsoft is developing a new iOS-exclusive mobile application with a twist on traditional email. The openness that Microsoft could be showing with this move and recent other moves is promising for enterprise users who would like to see a more flexible regime in Redmond.

Microsoft unveils lightweight, free version of Visual Studio at Build conference

Microsoft unveiled a lightweight version of Visual Studio that can run on Windows, Linux and Mac. And it's clear by the cheer that went up in the crowd that the newly-launched Visual Studio Code has been a long time coming.

With Datazen buy, Microsoft gets new mobile BI tools

With its announced acquisition today of mobile business intelligence company Datazen, Microsoft will be able to offer customers mobile access to data visualization and BI.

Nokia handset business: Microsoft's loss is Nokia's gain

Nokia, for one, is glad to see its mobile handset division off the books. The Finnish mobile firm said its financial performance for the latest quarter was boosted by the sale of the handset division to Microsoft, the  Wall Street Journal  reports.

Spotlight: Microsoft's passion play takes a (predictably) tragic turn

You know that Microsoft hasn't quite yet joined the world of you and me when the functions of running the business are orchestrated on the public stage like a symphonic masterwork.

A guide to life in the post-era era

A convention audience looking for Satya Nadella's rise to signal the passage of something and the dawn of something else, was not disappointed. Here we go again.

Can Microsoft's new captain right the mobile ship?

With little mobile experience, Microsoft's new CEO, Satya Nadella, will need to turn Microsoft's fortunes around in the mobility space or risk losing its dominant position in enterprise IT.