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Latest Headlines

FTC, SEC struggle to fill gaps in federal cybersecurity rules

When it comes to cybersecurity enforcement, I don't usually think of the Federal Trade Commission or the Securities and Exchange Commission. But it seems they are becoming much more involved in cybersecurity enforcement, even if their mandates in this area are not clear.

SEC conducts unprecedented probe into hackers who stole sensitive corporate data for insider trading

For the first time, the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating hackers suspected of breaking into corporate email accounts to steal sensitive data, such as details of mergers and acquisitions, in order to trade on stocks, sources told Reuters.

Spotlight: How new SEC ruling affects the private sector

A new SEC ruling requires certain types of businesses to follow specific IT procedures to ensure regulatory and legal compliance. TechTarget's Jeffrey Ritter says the ruling is, "changing...

Bitcoin startup GAW Miners under investigation for SEC violations

Bitcoin startup GAW Miners and its affiliated businesses are under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for alleged fraud, according to leaked documents from the agency.

SEC launches pilot program for investor analysis, public company financial statement data comparisons

The Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, launched a pilot program last week designed to expedite investor analysis and comparisons of public company financial statement data. 

JPMorgan breach and the worst IT security year ever

What has IT security become when the most highly regulated and security conscious industry can't stop hackers from plundering its data resources? It's certainly been a difficult year for the IT security industry, and there are still almost three more months to go.

Mandatory reporting of cybersecurity incidents needed for health of Internet, says Geer

Mandatory reporting of cybersecurity incidents is needed for the health of the Internet, Dan Geer, chief information security officer at CIA-based investment firm In-Q-Tel, told a keynote audience at the Black Hat conference being held this week in Las Vegas.

Corporate boards scrutinize cybersecurity efforts

With major data breaches much on the mind of the C-suite, corporate boards are getting more involved in cybersecurity.

News Scan: Targeted ads coming to your fridge; Retail to spend $11B on digital ads; more

Read the latest Mobile IT news for May 23, including Google's predictions for ads of the future, how much the retail industry plans to spend on mobile ads this year, the salary fixing scandal that is costing Silicon Valley, the explosion in the semiconductor market due to vehicle connectivity and Apple tops another industry list again.

Newly rich Bitcoin users likely target for fraudsters, SEC warns

The Securities and Exchange Commission has released an investor alert to educate Bitcoin users about the potential schemes con artists have pulled off using the cryptocurrency.