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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Sprint cuts 452 IT jobs at Kansas headquarters; most firms unable to detect, deter or predict insider threats; More

The top news stories for Oct. 21, 2014.

Bankers Association steps up educational efforts on identity theft

The financial services industry remains among the most heavily targeted for cybercrime. As a result, the American Bankers Assocation has released a series of tips for consumers aimed at helping them thwart identity theft.

What's stopping innovation? Data privacy concerns, says Intel, Harris Poll report

The survey of device owners revealed widespread misunderstanding and inherent distrust in data usage but "a willingness to share data if it will aid areas such as healthcare and education."

Apple Pay to launch Oct. 18, according to leaked Walgreens memo

Apple Pay, Cupertino's foray into mobile payments, is expected to launch Oct. 18, according to a leaked Walgreens internal memo obtained by MacRumors.

4 tips to ensure a smooth BYOD program roll out

The BYOD trend appears unstoppable, whether IT managers like or not. Even if your company doesn't officially allow BYOD, employees are going to bring their devices to work and use them with or without IT's approval. Here are four tips from Aerohive's Phil Keeley for a smooth BYOD program roll out.

Symantec joins the tech bandwagon to splitsville

Following a recent tech industry trend, security firm Symantec announced that it is splitting into two publicly traded companies--one focused on security and the other on information management.

Government leaders fear possible, massive cyberattack on US businesses

Despite concerns that the country is vulnerable to massive cyber-attacks on key businesses and infrastructure, there is great concern at both the state and federal levels that their aren't enough IT security pros available to raise a proper defense, and not enough is being spent on cybersecurity.

Enterprises worry when employees bring their own (insecure) network

While BYOD has received a lot of press over the years, bring your own network (BYON) has pretty much flown under the radar. But BYON, which is a derivative of BYOD, poses significant security risks to the enterprise, warns Sarah Lahav, CEO of IT service management firm SysAid.

Enterprises sacrifice security for efficiency when it comes to mobility

More than half of enterprises and employees regularly sacrifice security to efficiency and productivity benefits when it comes to mobile connectivity, according to a survey of 618 IT practitioners by The Ponemon Institute on behalf of Raytheon.

Many IT leaders still in denial on security vulnerability

October officially marks National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so it is only fitting that new major IT security studies have just been released that look at the levels of cyber preparedness that organizations have today. The news isn't encouraging.