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Latest Headlines

Three-quarters of firms have experienced a mobile data breach, survey finds

A recent study that IDG Research Services conducted on behalf of mobile security firm Lookout will do little to ease those security concerns. In fact, 74 percent of 100 IT leaders polled said their company had experienced data breaches because of a mobile security issue.

To BYOD or not to BYOD, that is the question

To BYOD or not to BYOD – that is the question that many CIOs are asking these days.

Immunio service brings security to the developer

Web application security vendor Immunio launched a new application security as a service offering aimed at helping developers ensure security of their applications. Designed for a DevOps environment, Immunio's new service was designed to let developers quickly add security to their apps.

Serving up microservices: Security

If the microservices architecture had a slogan, it would be "code small, code local." The theory is that by reducing the scope and focus of services, teams will be more agile and able to complete, change and deploy said services with greater alacrity.

Apple watchOS 2 released after delay caused by bug

Apple officially released Monday its watchOS 2 update with a number of security patches. The updated operating system was supposed to arrive Sept. 16, but was delayed due to an unspecified unspecified bug found in development.

Privacy-conscious employees, not security-concerned IT pros, are behind BYOD delays

Despite the perception that IT departments concerned about security have been the main stumbling block to BYOD programs, employees worried about privacy are behind much of the delay in BYOD program rollout.

Infographic: 9 things IT admins should know about iOS 9

Apple's iOS 9 is now available for download to Apple mobile devices, and IT admins are wondering what the new mobile operating system means for them.

Container adoption speeding up, but security is a concern

The vast majority of IT decision-makers have either already greenlit the deployment of containers in the environments they oversee or plan to do so within the next year, but an even greater number are still concerned about container security.

Good readies day-one support for iOS 9 for EMM customers

Apple is releasing its new mobile operating system iOS 9 on Wednesday, and Good Technology, for one, is offering day-one iOS 9 support for its enterprise mobility management customers, enabling them to upgrade to the new Apple mobile operating system without service disruptions or compromises to security.

Security could be the difference between an IoT dream and nightmare

The Internet of Things promises to transform the way things are done in the enterprise – vastly increased efficiency at substantially reduced costs. Yet, if enterprises don't get out in front of the security risks that thousands if not millions of connected devices will pose, they will soon find their IoT dream has turned into an IoT nightmare.