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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: USDA moves ahead with BYOD despite security 'angst'

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is drafting a BYOD strategy, which our sister publication  FierceMobileGovernment  reported on.

News Scan: States scramble to block Radio Shack selling customer data; One-in-five websites revealed to have vulnerabilities; More

The top news stories for March 26, 2015.

Don't let your Apple Watch take down your whole company

Excited to use an Apple Watch in the workplace? It could cost you and your employer dearly, if the data on your watch isn't secured.

News Scan: Many workers don't understand, violate IT security policies; Insider threats remain the most damaging and costly; More

The top news stories for March 18, 2015.

Spotlight: 80% of merchants still falling short on card data security compliance

To get a better understanding of just how weak retailers are in protecting customer and bank data, read the new Verizon PCI Compliance report and weep.

Industry Insider: Open source hygiene, software security and human error

Causes for major security breaches and vulnerabilities are many and varied, writes Bill Weinberg. Seldom are they the result of actual technology failure--far more often they come about as the result of human error.

News Scan: Security managers still struggle with staffing, threat pace; Successful CIOs need strong social skills; More

The top news stories for March 12, 2015.

Rather than fighting BYOD, IT should lead the way

BYOD is happening, whether IT likes or not. Instead of fighting or ignoring it, IT departments should get out in front and lead the way.

Fear the Droid: 8 IT security risks posed by Android

For enterprises that allow BYOD but don't have a security platform for Android devices, security risks abound. InformationWeek has identified eight Android security issues that IT should be concerned about.

News Scan: Uber pledges to help create 1M jobs for women; IT salaries remain flat, despite job growth; More

The top news stories for March 11, 2015.