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Latest Headlines

News Scan: More IT exec titles in C-suite alphabet soup; Most employees want you to pay for their wearables; More

The top news stories for Jan. 23, 2015.

News Scan: IT security falling short on the basics; IT retention now tops staffing concerns; More

The top news stories for Jan. 22, 2015.

News Scan: Obama pushes net neutrality, surveillance transparency; Business intelligence and mobility top campus IT concerns; More

The top news stories for Jan. 21, 2015.

Internet users worldwide say life much improved by technology

For all of the concerns over security and privacy, an overwhelming majority of Internet users around the world believe that the Internet improves their personal and professionals lives, a new study reveals.

Car monitoring dongle vulnerable to hacking, says security researcher

Monitoring dongle used to track driving habits could expose "core vehicular functions," says security researcher.

News Scan: CEOs need to referee CIO/CMO matches; Dice sees record IT hiring entering 2015; More

The top news stories for Jan. 16, 2015.

Firms squander investment in security technology by not training employees

Enterprises squander their investment in security technology when they fail to invest in security awareness and training of employees, according to a report by Aberdeen Group and Wombat Security Technologies.

2014 cyberattack victims in the crosshairs again, warns SANS' Eric Cole

The big news in IT security in 2015 will be cybercriminals returning to the scene of the crime, to re-attack one of last year's top victims, warns cybersecurity expert Eric Cole of the SANS Institute.

Sonus CTO Kevin Riley talks 2015 predictions, CTO/CIO collaboration

We spoke to Sonus Networks CTO Kevin Riley to narrow down that list and learn about his predictions for enterprise technology in 2015, and find out more about what the CTO looks for when collaborating with the CIO. 

Obama announces data breach plan, ISIL supporters hack US Central Command sites

The timing couldn't have been more prophetic, as yesterday President Obama called for new laws regarding cybersecurity breaches, while it was separately revealed that the U.S. Central Comand's Twitter account was hacked.