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Latest Headlines

US banks, Norwegian energy firms latest cyberattack victims

The pace of large-scale cyberattacks has increased to almost daily now, with the latest being word of cyberattacks against several U.S. financial institutions, and approximately 300 energy firms in Norway.

Tips for addressing cybersecurity with the board

If there is one group paying special attention to cyber-attacks today it is America's corporate directors. Stephen Boyer offers advice on how board members and security executives can have meaningful dialogue on what to do about them.

Wearables in the workplace? Think BYOD

Enterprises need to begin crafting policies in order to harness the productivity benefits of wearables while ensuring that sensitive data is secure and privacy rights protected. These policies should be based on existing BYOD policies, yet take into account some of the unique attributes of wearables.

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Indian firms embracing enterprise mobility

Indian enterprises are increasingly embracing mobility, with close to three-quarters either planning or rolling out a mobility policy.

Internet of Things: It's going to cost you

The Internet of Things--millions of smart devices communicating with each other seamlessly--promises to bring vastly improved efficiencies and lower costs to enterprises worldwide. But some are warning about hidden costs that come with IoT deployment.

Wireless smart meters criticized for invading privacy, starting fires

Smart meters, which enable utilities to communicate wirelessly with home energy systems, are being criticized for invading home owners' privacy and, in some cases, starting fires.

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