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7 steps to avoid the bite of cloud security risks

Apparently, someone decided this Sunday should officially kick off "Shark Week," in celebration of all things shark. Cloud data protection firm Perspecsys has provided a list of '7 cloud security mistakes bound to bite you.'

More than one-quarter of companies still do not support BYOD

Despite the increasing move to enterprise mobility, more than one-quarter of companies do not support a BYOD program, according to a survey of 418 IT pros by IT managed services provider CompuCom.

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The top news stories for July 1, 2015.

CISOs need more clout, but how much is enough?

Cybersecurity has become a top level concern at most organizations. So perhaps it comes as no surprise that IT security and boards of directors are now a top-level concern for IT leaders.

Microservices architecture offers security risks and benefits, NGINX exec says

It's no secret that microservices as a way to build and deploy applications is gaining a lot of interest from businesses of all sizes. In some ways, it feels like the next natural evolution of software and services development. But when it comes to security, there are differences in how dev and ops teams need to approach microservices.

New Open API Working Group hopes to tackle cloud security issues

When it comes to cloud computing, concerns about security continue to be a significant barrier to more organizations embracing the cloud, or using it more robustly. In response, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and CipherCloud have announced the formation of the Cloud Security Open API Working Group. 

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The top news stories for June 29, 2015.

Spotlight: IEEE Computer Society predicts the future of the Web

Experts from IEEE Computer Society released their key predictions about what the future of the Web holds for individuals, business, government and society. They explore key issues such as the...

Companies averaging 4 insider-threat attacks per year

When it comes to insider security threats, the third time is definitely not the charm. In fact, the typical organization now experiences 3.8 insider security incidents per year, at an average cost of $445,000.

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