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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Tech layoffs now total over 50,000 in 2014; IT needs to guarantee remote and flexible work access; more

The top news stories for July 18, 2014.

State of data security: Report finds finance, manufacturing, education more prone to phishing attacks

The newly released ForeScout State of IT Cyber Defense Report, based on independent research conducted by IDG Connect surveying 1600 IT information security decision-makers, reveals the nature and extent of the security threats and defense maturity in the finance, manufacturing, healthcare, education and retail sectors in the U.S., U.K., Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

News Scan: U.S. extends lead as top malware nation; Wearable tech needs to be fashionable; More

The top news stories for July 16, 2014.

Flaws in Web-based password managers could allow undetectable theft of passwords

Security weaknesses discovered in some Web-based password managers could potentially allow  an attacker to steal passwords with no outward sign that anything is amiss.

Data breaches up 21% in past year

Cyber-attacks against U.S. companies, organizations and government agencies are continuing at a blistering pace, as confirmed by several new IT security reports.

IT managers are not backing up BYOD policies with actions

Many IT managers are not backing up their BYOD policies with measures to ensure employees comply with the policies.

Cybersecurity now tops boardroom concerns

If data security and privacy aren't front and center on your radar they better get there quick. A new study finds that cybersecurity is now the number one concern in the corporate boardroom.

BlackBerry CEO calls Android's Knox security 'far from enough'

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has taken swipe at Android's Knox security, shortly after Google announced that it will be implementing more enterprise-centric security and management features to Android as part of what it called 'Android for Work.'  

Data breaches spur rush to EMV debit card adoption

While U.S. banks and credit unions have been slow to adopt so-called 'EMV' cards for consumer purchases and payments, recent major data breaches have two-thirds of U.S. financial institutions now planning to issue EMV cards in 2015.

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The top news stories for July 3, 2014.