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Latest Headlines

Security still a top concern for cloud buyers, according to Harvard Business Review study

Security is still the top qualification that businesses look for when choosing a cloud service, according to a new Harvard Business Review study sponsored by Verizon. The results indicate that the topic of cloud security isn't going away any time soon.

Security firm makes three cyberattack predictions for remainder of 2015

We're used to reading bold headlines and breaking news reports of cyberattacks and data breaches. But security company PKWARE prefers to predict cyberattacks yet to come.

ZapFraud to contribute data on scams to APWG's URL Block List report

ZapFraud announced  Tuesday that it will be contributing data on scams and scammers to the APWG's URL Block List phishing report clearinghouse, which receives reports from hundreds of sources worldwide in a concerted effort to thwart cybercrime.

NIST-backed center develops guide for healthcare firms to secure patient data on mobile devices

To help with that task of securing mobile healthcare data, the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence has put together a draft guide for businesses and other healthcare organization on how to improve mobile data security using commercially available and open source tools.

Size of DDoS attacks on the rise, warns new report

A new study reveals that the size of an average DDoS attacks is increasing. So in addition to the possibility of more likely cyberattack pain, you can expect it to also increase in intensity.

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Many execs still insist top role for CISO is to be security 'fall guy'

According to a new research report released today, a majority of C-level executives do not believe the chief information security officer deserves a seat at the leadership table.

Microsoft reportedly plans to pay $320M for Israeli security firm Adallom

Microsoft is reportedly paying $320 million to acquire Israeli security firm Adallom, according to a report by Calcalist, an Israeli financial newspaper, cited in a Reuters report.

MobileIron integrates Pradeo app security service into EMM platform

MobileIron and France-based Pradeo have formed a partnership to strengthen the security of mobile apps in the enterprise. With the partnership, MobileIron customers can now use Pradeo's CheckMyApps Service to conduct security checks on the mobile apps installed on their mobile device fleet.

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