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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Security worries continue to hold companies back from cloud adoption

Security concerns top the list of barriers to cloud adoption, led by general security concerns, legal and regulatory compliance concerns, and data loss and leakage risks.

Biometrics raises privacy issues in many jurisdictions

Biometrics is often seen as the Holy Grail for mobile security. While a username and password can be forgotten or stolen, a person's fingerprint is always the same. But there are significant privacy implications of using biometrics for security, according to a recent study by PwC sponsored by Nok Nok Labs.

SourceClear creates free security tool for developers working with open source

SourceClear launched a new security tool aimed at developers creating software with open source. The free SourceClear Open tool is a cloud service that helps to identify existing vulnerabilities in open source libraries.

Gartner: IoT security spending will lag far behind cyberattacks targeting enterprise IoT devices

By 2020, more than 25 percent of identified cyberattacks in enterprises will involve the Internet of Things, but IoT security will account for less than 10 percent of IT security budgets, warns market research firm Gartner.

Sirin Labs raises $72M in funding to develop highly secure smartphone

Sirin Labs is diving head-first into the highly secure phone market. The company has plans to release a secure mobile device that will cost around $20,000, Android Headlines noted in an article.

Big data worries weigh down IoT initiatives

The Internet of Things is proceeding full steam ahead but big data worries are piling up in their wake. So finds Argus Insights which recently analyzed over 2.3M tweets to get a read on the market's take on IoT. Two fears stood prominent in the analysis: what will happen to the pool of data from IoT and will it be secured.

When data gets deliberately polluted by consumers, what will happen to big data projects?

The day is coming when being able to sort these things out becomes paramount. Best to think about it now than to wait and find your projects derailed or, find yourself pegged as neatly as an insect to a collector's board.

Partner threat a serious contributor to data breaches

Although business partner security holes have led to past high profile data breaches such as the Panama Papers incident and the Target breach, a new report finds that the presence of partner threat is still grossly underestimated by IT pros. Further, that most have no plans to address the security risk.

Symantec and Rockwell Automation partner on ICS security

Security firm Symantec is teaming with Rockwell Automation, the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, to protect industrial control systems, or ICS, from cyberattacks.

MIT's latest web tool unearths bugs in just over a minute

MIT researchers' latest, greatest discovery should be welcome by web developers and consumers alike. Called Space, the debugging tool, which MIT announced Friday, can quickly detect application security flaws by poring over tens of thousands of lines of code at once.