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Want better BYOD policies? Then, lighten up!

When it comes to BYOD programs, you've been reading for months about the need to keep things safe, and keep things sound. Now you're being told to keep everyone happy as well.

Things to include in your BYOD policy

Employees are bringing personal mobile devices into the workplace, whether sanctioned by their employer or not. The time has come for IT departments that are ignoring BYOD to take their heads out of the sands and develop a comprehensive BYOD policy.

Infographic: IT pros are torn between security worries, productivity gains when it comes to mobility

IT professionals are being pulled in different directions when it comes to mobility. Many are worried about the security and compliance issues that mobility raises, yet many want the productivity benefits that mobility promises.

BYOD pushes enterprises to deploy cloud computing

As companies struggle to manage and secure BYOD devices, they are increasingly turning to cloud computing as a solution.

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Dr. Mobilelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love BYOD

Say "BYOD is our friend." Repeat, "BYOD is our friend."  It's a simple message, but one that bears repeating for IT leaders who fear that BYOD practices will be the undoing of all their hard-fought data security efforts.

Bluetooth connection between smartwatches, smartphones puts enterprise data at risk

The rapid growth of wearable devices and their imminent entry into the workplace poses challenges for IT departments, not the least of which are security issues.

Microsoft beefs up security features for its Intune device management service

Microsoft has updated its cloud-based device management service, adding new mobile application management capabilties and a number of data security features designed to improve usability for the enterprise, according to a blog by the Microsoft Intune Team.

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