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Latest Headlines

3 ways apps can empower mobile workers

While many IT departments want to lock down mobile devices and apps out of security concerns, the next evolution for the enterprises is unlocking the productivity of the mobile enterprise.

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Thwarting a new breed of cyberattack

Cybercrime has evolved to be ruthless attempts to destroy intellectual property, damage reputations and criple operating functions. All of which make it imperative for organizations to be proactive and collaborative in their cyberdefense efforts, says Art Gilliland.

IT security teams worry that websites are the soft underbelly of their security armor

Many IT security pros are worried that their company's website is the soft underbelly of their security armor. Websites are often developed and deployed hastily to meet a pressing market need with little thought to security.

Procurement needs to think differently about selecting mobility vendors

The enterprise procurement department needs to think different when it comes to selecting enterprise mobility vendors and signing contracts, advises enterprise mobility firm Tangoe.

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Internet users worldwide say life much improved by technology

For all of the concerns over security and privacy, an overwhelming majority of Internet users around the world believe that the Internet improves their personal and professionals lives, a new study reveals.

Car monitoring dongle vulnerable to hacking, says security researcher

Monitoring dongle used to track driving habits could expose "core vehicular functions," says security researcher.