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Latest Headlines

Wearables in the Workplace: Workers worry about security, but see productivity benefits

Workers are concerned about the security and privacy implications of wearables, but think that they will make them more efficient and productive at work, according to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Infographic: FDA's multi-layer regulatory structure for mobile medical apps

Despite the security and privacy risks that mobile apps pose for medical use, the Food and Drug Administration is "leading the way in defining a regulatory path for mobile medical apps", explains an infographic from high-tech product design and development consultancy Sagentia.

BYOD policy success requires balancing act

For a successful BYOD policy, enterprises need to strike the right balance between productivity, security and privacy, advises an article at Inside Counsel.

Google Glass as a security, privacy concern for the enterprise

Employees bringing Google Glass into the enterprise could pose more security and privacy risks than employees with their smartphones and tablets, explained Sharon Anolik, president and founder of Privacy Panacea.

BYOD and Martha Graham: The interpretive dance of security, privacy

The relationship between security and privacy in a BYOD environment is like an "interpretative dance," explains Constantine Karbaliotis, Americas privacy leader for consultancy Mercer.

IT losing out in enterprise mobility spending

Mobility is causing a shift in power within the enterprise away from IT, resulting in heightened concerns about the privacy and security risks introduced by mobile devices.

Smart glasses may face hurdles in enterprise

Nearly 10 million smart glasses will be shipped from 2012 to 2016, a majority of units shipped in 2016, forecasts IHS Research.

Microsoft beefs up app security, while Android users continue to be exposed

Microsoft is beefing up the security updating process for apps on its Windows Store, the app marketplace for tablets and computers running Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Google Glass: Banned in corporate America?

Not only will Google Glass not join its Android cousins in flooding the enterprises, it will likely be banned from many workplaces over legal liabilities and security concerns.

Hybrid mobile payment products open up security risks, warns Frost & Sullivan

The integration of near-field communication technology and cloud-based systems in the mobile payments market poses security risks, warned Frost & Sullivan.