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Latest Headlines

IoT: With great connectivity comes great insecurity

The more things are connected to the Internet, the more opportunity there is for these things to get hacked, cautioned Bob O'Donnell, founder and chief analyst of Technalysis Research.

IoT devices are widely deployed in highly regulated industries, endangering networks and data, says OpenDNS

Internet of Things devices are actively penetrating highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, energy, financial services, and retail, and infrastructure supporting those devices are vulnerable to well-known and patchable security flaws, according to a recent report from OpenDNS.

5 tips for CIOs to improve BYOD security

To help firms cope with BYOD security risks, Prateek Panda, co-founder and chief marketing officer of mobile security firm Appknox, recommends that CIOs take the following five steps to improve BYOD security at their firms.

Employees use personal mobile devices to circumvent NCAA tourney viewing restrictions

Employees are using their personal mobile devices to "work around" restrictions that prevent the use of corporate laptops to watch streaming video of the NCAA basketball tournament games. This can open up the company to security threats and can impact network performance, according to a survey of more than 350 IT pros by IT staffing firm TEKsystems.

Should startups risk BYOD?

Many start-ups trying to pinch pennies as they struggle to finance their projects see BYOD as a way to save money on equipment while getting the most out of their overworked employees. But is BYOD worth the security risks for start-ups? It depends.

FTC report on IoT: Many findings, little teeth

While the FTC's security and privacy recommendations for IoT devices and data are useful, they are voluntary and therefore lack teeth. Companies have little incentive to spend the extra time and money needed to implement them.

Infographic: 95% of enterprises allow BYOD in some form

A robust 95 percent of enterprises now allow the use of employee-owned devices, and close to two-thirds of employees say that having access to work email and other business apps at all times increases their productivity, according to stats compiled by security firm Symantec in an infographic.

4G LTE brings faster speeds, increased BYOD risks

Although 4G LTE networks promise much faster mobile broadband speeds, they could also open up enterprises to increased security risks, warns Martin Nuss, chief technology officer at Vitesse Semiconductor.

Shadow IT can obscure BYOD security risks

Blocking or ignoring BYOD can cause employees to take matters into their own hands, resulting in shadow IT that can pose security risks for the enterprise.

Despite high-profile breaches, firms failing to address third-party risks

Companies are failing to address third-party security risks, despite some recent high-profile breaches that resulted from poor security at third-party vendors, such as the Target breach that exposed 40 million credit and debit card numbers and other information.