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Latest Headlines

Lookout takes consumer mobile security expertise to the enterprise

Whether operating in a BYOD or corporate-owned mobile device environment, companies face mobile security risks every day from existing and previously unknown threats. To help enterprises cope with mobile threats, Lookout launched on Tuesday a mobile threat protection platform for the enterprise.

Spotlight: Marlin Equity Partners to buy Fidelis Cybersecurity from General Dynamics

Marlin Equity Partners announced on Tuesday that it has agreed to acquire Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions from General Dynamics for an undisclosed consideration.

IoT and IT security

More and more enterprises begin to deploy Internet of Things devices and platforms to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Yet these same IoT objects can open up the enterprise to security threats, with every device becoming a potential entry point for attackers.

Should the CISO report to the CEO?

In the aftermath of the multiple mega-breaches at U.S. corporations, some pundits are recommending that the chief security information officer should report directly to the CEO, bypassing the CIO altogether.

Hackers pre-loading DeathRing on factory-shipped smartphones

Mobile malware known as DeathRing is being pre-loaded on factory-shipped smartphones destined for the Asian and African markets, indicating that the mobile handset supply chain has been compromised.

Spotlight: FTC warns that IoT could become privacy, security threat

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning that Internet of Things devices could pose risks to individual privacy and data security, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Through a glass darkly: IT security threats in 2015

In this issue, we offer a look into the IT security threats looming on the horizon for next year through an exclusive interview with Steve Durbin, global vice president of the not-for-profit Information Security Forum.

These simple security threats may be lurking in your office right now

When one thinks of enterprise security threats, terms like hackers, malware and large-scale data breaches all come to mind. But other, less obvious threats could be lurking in your organization too, writes Larry Ponemon in a recent post.

Machines ride to the aid of IT security teams

To fight well-armed cybercriminals, IT security teams need to harness big data and machine learning, opines Stephen Dodson, chief technology officer at security firm Prelert.

Infographic: Almost all IT pros struggle with BYOD security threats

Almost all IT and security pros are struggling with the security threats posed by BYOD, and two-thirds expect mobile security incidents to increase at their firm.