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Latest Headlines

Features designed to aid in Apple device management could lead to breach

News that features in Apple's mobile operating system designed to improve manageability for IT department actual increase the risks to corporate data should be a red flag to IT admins and security pros.

Heartbleed flaw present in millions of Android devices

The Heartbleed flaw, a hole in the OpenSSL software that enables two-thirds of websites to encrypt data, is also present in millions of Android devices, reports Ars Technica.

Georgia Tech researchers warn of iOS 'ramblin' wrecks'

LAS VEGAS--iOS malware could be lurking at public charging stations or even on your own charger, warned researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Widespread Android flaw opens enterprises up to data theft, warns Bluebox

A widespread vulnerability in Android devices could enable an attacker to turn a legitimate app into a Trojan and steal corporate data, retrieve password and account information, and record phone conversations, warned security firm Bluebox Security.

Microsoft plugs 'critical' security holes in Windows RT OS for Surface

Microsoft is plugging "critical" security holes this week in Windows RT, the operating system that runs its cheaper Surface tablets.

Samsung plugs security hole in Galaxy smartphones

Samsung sent out software updates last week to fix a security flaw found in its popular Galaxy-branded Android smartphones containing the Exynos processor.

Researchers find Android hole that could affect millions

BYOD security concerns were heightened last week by North Carolina State University researchers who showed how a vulnerability in Android platforms can be used to send fake SMS messages designed to trick the user into disclosing confidential information or subscribing to bogus premium SMS services.

Security holes in M2M devices worry enterprises

Security concerns about machine-to-machine communications are on the rise among enterprise users, according to recent surveys conducted by Beecham Research.

RIM urges BlackBerry users to disable JavaScript amid security vulnerability

Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM) is advising BlackBerry users to disable JavaScript in the smartphone's browser to block a security problem that was highlighted during this year's CanSecWest Pwn2Own