Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

New wearable sensors on the way, body data on the rise

Wearables have already made significant headway in both the consumer and healthcare markets, but according to a recent IDTechEx report, new made-for-wearables sensors are about to explode on the market. Watch out! Here comes smart everything. Say goodbye to big data and hello to extreme data.

Startup embeds fingerprint scanner in smartphone display glass

Startup Sonavation promises to build the fingerprint scanner right into the phone's glass and make it available for mobile devices or even Internet of Things devices.

The Internet of Things: The terms, the tech and what they mean for your business

Navigating the Internet of Things can be a difficult task for the uninitiated. For all the talk about how it will change businesses and enterprises (not to mention the world) over the next couple decades, there are scant introductory materials for those IT managers looking to get their feet wet.

Quantified Ag product collects and analyzes health data for cattle on the 'moove'

When you think about mobile IT, your first thought is probably not cows. But that is exactly what sensor and data platform provider Quantified Ag is doing – bringing mobile IT to the cattle industry.

Tour de France and IoT together at last

With much fanfare, South African IT firm Dimension Data proclaimed that it was partnering with Amaury Sport Organisation, which owns the Tour de France, to "deliver [a] big data cycling analytics platform for the first time in the history of professional cycling."

Here's Google's vision for how phones, watches and IoT will work together

Google developers offered up some details about how they built some of Android's location-aware apps, like an automatic car finder feature, and said that new products like watches and connected devices promise much more interesting apps in the future. 

Startup Samsara comes out of stealth mode, unveils new IoT platform

Startup Samsara came out of stealth mode this week, announcing it raised $25 million in Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz and that Marc Andreessen will join the board of directors.

Wearables, NoSQL and sensors top PwC top trends forecast

Analysts at PwC have identified "the three digital technology trends in 2015 that have extraordinary potential to raise companies' Digital IQs this year."

US CIOs lag behind foreign counterparts in grasping relevance of advanced tech

CIOs in the United States lag behind their counterparts in other countries when it comes to understanding the relevance of advanced technologies such as sensors, augmented reality, robots and thinking machines.

Pratt and Whitney uses predictive analytics to expand business model

Pratt & Whitney is using predictive analytics to expand its business model, specifically through new and enhanced services initiated through its many-sensored products. The move to predictive analytics "is really a paradigm shift in the way the business has to operate," CIO Larry Volz says in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.