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Latest Headlines

Pratt and Whitney uses predictive analytics to expand business model

Pratt & Whitney is using predictive analytics to expand its business model, specifically through new and enhanced services initiated through its many-sensored products. The move to predictive analytics "is really a paradigm shift in the way the business has to operate," CIO Larry Volz says in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

SAP offers new enterprise products to harness IoT data

To help enterprises harness the data generated by the Internet of Things, or IoT, enterprise software giant SAP has unveiled three new IoT products.

Intelligent systems to disrupt manufacturing, energy and transportation systems, predicts IDC

Intelligent systems are expected to disrupt traditional industries, such as manufacturing, energy and transportation, predicts market research firm IDC.

Independent wearables will remain 'rare,' says Juniper

While some pundits had predicted that Apple Watch would be an independent wearable able to connect to wireless networks on its own, it turned out that it is wholly dependent on the lastest iPhone to communicate with the outside world. This will continue to be the case for wearables into the foreseeable future, says Juniper Research.

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The top news stories for August 7, 2014.

Daimler Trucks North America connects the dots with truck sensors and service apps

Every Daimler Trucks North America truck sold over the last two years has been equipped with a sensor that sends information about the truck to the company's call center if it detects an abnormality, said Dieter Haban, chief information officer of Daimler Trucks North America, during a panel at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium.

5 technologies driving big data into mainstream usage

On  GigaOm, Derrick Harris frames the advance of data analytics in terms of Geoffrey Moore's business classic Crossing the Chasm. Harris identifies five technologies that will help big data move into the mainstream.

Connected cows are 'udderly' amazing

NTT DoCoMo unveiled at the Mobile World Congress a machine-to-machine, or perhaps mammal-to-machine, product that uses a thermal sensor attached to a pregnant cow to monitor whether the cow is about to give birth in order to reduce calf mortality.

Battery-free wireless device communication may be on its way

Battery drain is the bane of every smartphone user's existence, but new technology under development at University of Washington may soon bring some relief.

McLaren engineers race to analyze Formula 1 data in real time

Formula One race cars made by McLaren are outfitted with sensors that collect and transmit data to an in-memory computing system from SAP. With new opportunities to view real-time data during a race, engineers can analyze and respond to crucial variables, such as race course and vehicle conditions, in time to make a difference, reports Michael Vizard at  CIO Insight.