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Latest Headlines

HP launches compute platforms, programs for data-intensive workloads

Businesses are still far behind the technologies' capabilities in their understanding of what can be done, but they're finally beginning to race and catch up. Expect vendors to get more aggressive with their innovations and to increasingly trend towards ever faster, smarter and more business-user-friendly products and services.

Ryft unveils 1U sized analytics device

Ryft unveiled Ryft ONE this week, a commercial-grade 1U platform capable of analyzing up to 48 terabytes of data at 10 gigabytes per second or faster, the company claims.

Opera Mini 4.1 released

Opera Mini 4.1 has just been released. If your phone is equipped with JSR-75, it is now possible to upload and download files. As such, those users who update their blog while on the go will now

CA's new Blackberry management tools

The IT discussion has moved beyond the question of whether you'll use a mobile platform like the Blackberry in your

The death of traditional security

A wireless network really is different from the traditional cabled network. It's so different that analysts from Forrester are saying that traditional

Patch mobile, too

"Patch Tuesday" has become part of the rhythm of life for any I.T. shop running Microsoft software. It's easy to be so caught up in the updates for servers and workstations that you forget about

IM to iAnywhere

iAnywhere Solutions has announced the latest addition to its Information Anywhere Suite. The suite, which has offered email synchronization with the major enterprise platforms including Microsoft

Security front line shifts again

The word has gotten out: finding corporate networks not protected by multiple layers of firewalls, intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems has become far more difficult.

Think about security in new ways

Bill Gates is a man who must be heard. When he brings his chief research and strategy officer to the podium to talk about security, attention must be paid. Together the two said that the world of

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Building on a Solid Platform When all you did with a mobile phone was make a voice call, the underlying software really didn't matter to the purchaser. Sure,