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Mobile apps are a certainty, so your security needs to be too

Across all industries, rare is the organization that doesn't rely in some form on mobile apps. Whether mobile apps are used on the client-facing side, for internal processes, personal apps employed through shadow IT, or any other use case, there is likely some kind of mobile computing happening at all times in the enterprise.

In the land of healthcare IT: How to organize all that data

Few industries have as much data as healthcare, and that data is expected to increase at a staggering rate of 48 percent a year--which means healthcare CIOs and their IT teams need to find good ways to organize and store that data, and fast. 

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Shining a light on shadow IT

Torsten George looks at the challenges introduced by "shadow IT," who is to blame, and what CIOs can do to address them.

Shadow IT can obscure BYOD security risks

Blocking or ignoring BYOD can cause employees to take matters into their own hands, resulting in shadow IT that can pose security risks for the enterprise.

CIOs casting their own 'Shadow IT'

CIOs are usually warned about the risks associated with so-called 'Shadow IT,' but now comes word from Gartner that CIOs may be directly responsible for casting some of that shadow.

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IT pros lurk in depths of Shadow IT

When it comes to Shadow IT, a new study finds that your greatest threat may be your own IT staff.