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Latest Headlines

Uncle Sam moves to a new school district, seeks big data teachers

The Pentagon has learned a valuable lesson: It needs to learn a lot more about handling big data. While an admirable admission and pursuit, it's how the Pentagon is going about the pursuing that's raising a few eyebrows – and more than a little hope for government eventually getting up to speed.

Data Elite launches to fund and provide venture lab for data startups

Data Elite launched last week putting money, counseling from leading data scientists and physical workspace at the disposal of selected big data startups. 

KDDI invests $5M in educational apps maker Fuhu

KDDI's Open Innovation Fund invested $5 million in Fuhu, a developer of children's educational apps and devices. This is the first investment for the fund, which was launched last February and has $60 million in funding to invest in companies in the Silicon Valley area.

Verizon Wireless embraces Java

Verizon Wireless announced it will support Java technology, a move that represents a major change for a carrier--now the nation's largest--that has long relied on Qualcomm's BREW technology for

Austin round-up: The new hotbed for mobile

By Levi Shapiro Jim Messer started Transverse last year in New York with a cadre of wireless industry veterans. This year, the company relocated to Austin.