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Latest Headlines

New digital assistant Viv coming next week could beat out Siri, Cortana

Next week, a new digital assistant launches – and it's supposed to be the most powerful yet. It's called Viv, and it's been in the making for four years, according to an article at the Washington Post.

Squabbles between iCloud and Siri teams delay Apple's cloud engineering plans

There may be a wrench in Project McQueen's gears. The Information reported Thursday that fighting among Apple development teams has delayed the company's efforts to build its own cloud-computing infrastructure.

Apple to pony up $25M to settle Siri patent lawsuit

Apple has settled a patent lawsuit related to its Siri digital assistant, agreeing to pay up $24.9 million to Dallas-based Dynamic Advances, which licenses the technology in dispute from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute.

AI engine 30 years in the making could take its talents to healthcare, financial services

An artificial intelligence engine, known as Cyc, which has been in development for three decades could soon be coming to a mission-critical business application near you, reported the MIT Technology Review.

Having a heart attack? Don't count on Cortana to help

While Siri, Cortana and other digital assistants might be good at finding a nearby restaurant, they are not so good in helping out in an emergency.

How ChatOps is going mainstream

ChatOps is the term given to the integration of chat services with other Web applications. The goal of ChatOps capabilities is to allow users to access the information they need directly from the program in which they spend their time.

Following in Microsoft's footsteps, Apple reportedly to add Siri to Macs

Apple reportedly has plans to add Siri to Macs through the next OS X update in the fall, according to 9to5Mac. It seems Apple may be following in Microsoft's footsteps, which added Cortana to Windows 10 just last year.

Cortana now mines email so you don't forget to do what you've promised

Microsoft continues to build out its Cortana digital assistant offering, today announcing two new capabilities that further glean information from user data to provide tailored information.

Apple's reported acquisition of AI startup Emotient could mean a boost for Siri

Apple has reportedly purchased artificial intelligence startup Emotient, a company that uses human facial expressions to analyze emotions, according to the Wall Street Journal.

MindMeld offers to bring voice capabilities to new apps and devices

MindMeld, a company backed by Google, Samsung and Intel, released the second version of its platform that lets developers add voice capabilities to apps.