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AI 'just an ordinary part of our lives,' already optimizing business operations, says researcher

While the uninitiated might think artificial intelligence as a business tool is still a ways off, researchers are already using AI and machine learning in ways with definite enterprise use cases, according to an AI expert.

Microsoft pushes Cortana open beta testing to Android, squares up against Google Now on its home turf

Microsoft today released an Android public beta for its virtual assistant Cortana, according to a blog post from the company. The release will pit Cortana squarely against Google's own voice-activated assistance offering Google Now.

Parallels brings Windows 10 to Mac with Cortana along for the ride

Virtualization software provider Parallels today made the whole of Windows 10 available to Mac users with its latest offering, Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac. The new product also gives Mac users access to a virtual assistant, Microsoft's Cortana, a function that has long been strangely absent from Apple computers.

Report: Apple working on voicemail-to-text technology

According to an article at Business Insider citing unnamed sources, Apple is toying with the idea of using Siri to transcribe voicemails into text messages. 

Amazon tries to give Alexa a boost over rivals Siri and Cortana

Amazon took a number of steps on Thursday help Alexa, the less well-known cousin of ditigal assistants Siri and Cortana, gains some visibility in the connected device marketplace.

Apple may be building high-speed open source network for cloud services

Apple may finally be on the road to success with its cloud applications. That is if the rumors are true that the company is building a high-speed network and changing the way it designs its data centers. Considering the company joined the Open Compute Project a few months ago, it seems like we should bet on the rumors being true.

Apple takes cue from Microsoft with updates announced at WWDC 2015

Updates coming to Siri and iPad add some capabilities that Microsoft has introduced in earlier versions of Cortana and Surface tablets.

Cortana to go head-to-head with Siri, Google Now

Microsoft is pitting its virtual assistant, Cortana, directly against Siri and Google Now with new apps for iPhone and Android. The new capabilities may prove useful for the many mobile workers who use Windows computers but carry iPhones or Android devices. 

Cortana: Coming soon to an iPhone and Android near you?

Move over Siri. Cortana, Microsoft's personal assistant, may be coming to stay awhile on the iPhone.

Enterprise virtual assistant tech may be on the horizon

If Apple and Google get their way, Siri and Google Now might soon vie for attention as your virtual secretary. According to news reports, both smartphone manufacturers are looking at ways connect their virtual assistant technology to enterprise data to give workers a whole new way of accessing company apps and information.