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Latest Headlines

The trials and tribulations of cloud-based conference calls

Like many of you, I've been a Skype user for more years than I care to count. I first signed up years before Skype went through one acquisition after another, but it was a technology I rarely used up until a few years ago.

More than half of enterprises still undecided on cloud VoIP

Although the majority of VoIP phone systems in the enterprise are currently premises-based, there's a chance cloud-based VoIP could take over. But generally, enterprises aren't yet convinced they should shift to the cloud for their VoIP systems.

Popular work tool Skype gets makeover for Android Wear

The latest version of Skype for Android includes better integration with Android Wear, Google's wearables platform.

Up close and personal with AVer VC520 videoconferencing system

If you are alive and working in 2015, odds are you have used videoconferencing tools or have at least participated in a videoconference during your career. Why go the traditional, boring conference call route when you can see your partners face to face? We tested out AVer's VC520 videoconferencing hardware – what they call a Plug-N-Play USB Video Conference Camera System – and here's what we found.

Skype outage calls into question viability of service in the enterprise

Skype's downtime on Monday morning sheds a negative perception on Microsoft's fledgling Skype for Business voice, video and messaging service, even though it remained unaffected during the global outage. But according to one Microsoft Skype for Business partner, enterprises will need to adjust to the reality that Microsoft is still working out the kinks in its unified communications product.

Skype goes down around the globe

When Skype suddenly lost connection this morning, I wondered if it was just me and my sometimes unstable Internet connection. But the entire Skype user base had similar issues, as the Microsoft communications service suffered a serious outage this morning.

For those using Microsoft Edge, Skype will soon work plugin-free

With the recent launch of Skype for Web, Microsoft is fulfilling on part of its promise to make Skype much more accessible.

Microsoft redesigns Skype for Android, iOS for better user experience

Microsoft Thursday released redesigns for the mobile versions of its Skype app on Android and iOS. User experience seems to be the motivation behind the effort.

Spotlight: The key differences between Skype and Skype for Business

Microsoft created a little bit of confusion when it announced Skype for Business, seeing as the consumer version has existed for years. 

ConnectSolutions simplifies Skype visibility, management

ConnectSolutions launched a new managed service for Skype for Business. The intention is to provide enterprise customers with a higher quality of unified communications service.