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Latest Headlines

Microsoft redesigns Skype for Android, iOS for better user experience

Microsoft Thursday released redesigns for the mobile versions of its Skype app on Android and iOS. User experience seems to be the motivation behind the effort.

Spotlight: The key differences between Skype and Skype for Business

Microsoft created a little bit of confusion when it announced Skype for Business, seeing as the consumer version has existed for years. 

ConnectSolutions simplifies Skype visibility, management

ConnectSolutions launched a new managed service for Skype for Business. The intention is to provide enterprise customers with a higher quality of unified communications service.

Skype for Business heading to mobile devices

There are so many promises of features for Skype for Business that some enterprises must be chomping at the bit. So much potential... sometime in the future. And now there's even more news of features, but they won't be generally available until later this year. Basically, Microsoft has put the Android and iOS versions of Skype for Business into preview mode.

Free Skype multi-party video calling gets wider release

Skype video calling and multi-party video calling is getting a wider release as Microsoft continues to move the communications tool toward a more ad-driven model. Now the video calling services are available to Skype for Web and end users using Outlook.com.

Skype spam problem drags on for weeks

Microsoft is having trouble shutting down a spam problem that has been impacting some Skype users for several weeks. The problem is impacting consumer users but businesses should take note since many workers use personal Skype accounts to conduct business. 

Windows 10 Wi-Fi feature raises security concerns

A feature that will be part of the soon-to-be-released Microsoft Windows 10 is sending up red flags among security professionals. The Wi-Fi Sense feature, which was designed to make it easier to connect to local wireless networks by sharing secure connections with friends, could make it easier for anyone to connect to home networks, whether the network owners want them to or not.

Microsoft adds large meetings, direct connections to Skype for Business

Microsoft is adding a host of new features to Skype for Business, including the ability to broadcast meetings to as many as 10,000 people. Office 365 enterprise customers can register now to get a preview of the features.

Skype for Web finally launches – and it's on ChromeOS, too

Microsoft is finally making Skype available on Chromebook and Linux, as well as on browsers everywhere. The long-anticipated Skype for Web is finally available in beta, even though many of the features are not yet live. For Chromebook and Linux users, for now, all Skype for Web offers are instant messaging features. But at least it's a start.

Spotlight: Skype Translator coming to Windows desktop app in the summer

Microsoft plans to roll out Skype Translator to the Windows desktop version of the popular communication app, starting with a preview soon.