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Latest Headlines

Microsoft rolls out initial preview for Skype for Business Mac, but there's not much it can do yet

Microsoft continues to expand the capabilities of Skype for Business. It will soon be heading to Macs, as the vendor introduced the preview of the appropriately named Skype for Business Mac this week.

Skype calling comes to Edge without the need for a plugin

The addition of Skype plugin-free calling to Edge expands the capabilities of Skype for Web, the browser-based Skype feature Microsoft is still ramping up. The Edge capabilities are now in preview and support both voice and video calls.

Video still doesn't feel as natural as making a phone call

For whatever reason, I clearly remember the first time I made a voice call on my computer. It was clunky, not the easiest thing to use and the quality was poor. It was hard to imagine then that eventually VoIP would become one of my preferred communication platforms, but today, I make most of my business calls using Skype.

Voxox improves VoIP audio quality with new codec

A new codec aimed at mobile operators and service providers could improve the audio quality of VoIP communications in the future.

Android, iOS Skype apps receive group video call updates

Microsoft announced Thursday a limited rollout of a group call feature for its Android and iOS Skype apps.

Skype for iOS update allows users to open Office docs directly in Skype

Skype users can now send and view Office documents within the Skype iOS application, according to a Skype blog post authored Tuesday.

Spotlight: Skype update improves call scheduling, document handling for Android

Skype updated Wednesday its Android app with a new scheduling feature and integration with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft pushes Skype integration to Outlook's iOS and Android apps

Microsoft this week updated its iOS and Android Outlook apps with features that integrate Skype.

Spotlight: Skype to offer free group video calling on mobile devices

Microsoft's Skype will begin offering free group video calling on mobile devices, including Android and iOS devices, in the coming weeks.

Kubi telepresence robot gives users new perspectives

Revolve Robotics's Kubi telepresence robots allows users to remotely change the camera angle in a video call. That functionality has found uses in a number of different use cases, but videoconferencing in the enterprise might not be one of them.