Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Skype to improve VoIP call quality using new audio standard

Microsoft's Skype unit revealed plans this week to significantly improve its call quality now that the Opus open standard has received approval from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards body.

Skype to roll out direct operator billing

Skype plans to roll out direct operator billing in October using billing specialist MACH's Direct Billing Gateway.

Survey: Most Americans want video-calling interoperability

Close to 90 percent of Americans want proprietary walls between video-calling systems broken down, enabling interoperability among different systems.

Distimo: Facebook reaching saturation, mobile app downloads plummeting

Although Facebook remains the most popular social networking application across Apple's iOS platform, its dominance is waning as download volumes drop off and rivals like Pinterest and Twitter gain steam.

Skype for iOS introduces photo sharing, reduces battery drain

Skype released an upgraded version of its over-the-top calling and messaging service for Apple's iOS, adding photo-sharing capabilities as well as performance enhancements.

Report: 2012 VoIP revenue to hit $65B

A new study from the research firm Visiongain indicates that global revenues from voice over IP services will reach $65 billion this year, posing a substantial threat to providers of traditional voice services. 

TeliaSonera to charge for VoIP

Swedish telecommunications firm TeliaSonera plans to introduce charges for calls on services like Skype and Google Talk. The company reportedly has already begun a trial with one of its Spanish subsidiaries.

The Yammer-Microsoft rumor won't go away

Rumors of a $1.2 billion deal for Microsoft to buy Yammer have persisted for almost a week, yet neither side had confirmed the deal as we went to press.

Skype no longer ad-free

Skype is no longer commercial-free. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service owned by Microsoft now injects advertisements alongside video conversations of its non-paying members.

Skype still surging, awaiting Microsoft enterprise integration

It has been just over one year since Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) announced its largest acquisition ever, the $8.5 billion deal for Skype. The timing has prompted numerous assessments in the last few