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Latest Headlines

Growing Skype, FaceTime and Google help families connect at holiday time

Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT)'s Skype is now averaging some 300 million video call minutes a day, up about 900 percent from just four years ago. And, other services, like Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) chat and

Skype offering free Wi-Fi hotspots for travelers at over 50 U.S. airports

Click here to zoom in on this map. Facing the delight of air travel this holiday season? Have some last minute shopping to do while you're waiting for your flight to be called in Spokane,

Microsoft's so.cl experiment includes video sharing, group chat

Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT)'s FUSE Labs has rolled out a semi-social website called, appropriately, so.cl, which combines web browsing, search and networking into one package. Microsoft describes So.cl,

Skype adds 1,000 NYC hotspots to its Wi-Fi footprint

Skype has cut a deal to add WiMAX provider Towerstream's 1,000-plus Wi-Fi hotspots in New York City to its own hotspot footprint. The deal means that users will have one-click access to the

Skype for Android update introduces photo, video sharing

Internet telephony services provider Skype issued an updated version of its Android application that adds photo and video sharing capabilities. Available for download from Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG)

Skype wants British operators to stop managing VoIP traffic; Ofcom may agree

With Great Britain's regulatory agency suggesting it may intervene, Skype is gearing up its push to force negotiations with mobile phone operators who have been blocking VoIP calls from their

Report: Video calling to top 380 million users by 2015

New players to the video calling market and the increasing adoption of mobile video calling are expected to drive the growth of the market to at least 380 million active users by 2015, new research

Skype and Facebook build upon their friendship, integrate deeper

Skype's friendship with Facebook just became more significant. The free-VoIP service Thursday launched Skype 5.4 Beta for Mac and Skype 5.7 Beta for Windows. The updated betas allow users to conduct

Russian airport to start Skype check-ins for flights

Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport is allowing passengers to check-in for their flights using Skype. The program, which the airport says is the first of its kind in the world, works along

Personal trainers offering 'virtual workouts' over Skype

A Memphis, Tenn. personal training firm is putting Skype to good use, making "virtual house calls" to lead clients through their workouts. The company, Energy Fitness, designs 20-minute workouts of