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Latest Headlines

How the NFL and the Rooney Rule are helping change Slack

Slack today announced in a diversity report its introduction of the Rooney Rule for senior-level leadership roles to help increase the number of underrepresented minorities in those positions.

Foursquare's Noah Weiss to head Slack's new NYC team

Slack is opening a New York City office that will be the hub of its search, learning and intelligence Group. Noah Weiss, who wrote about its goals  in a blog post  Tuesday, will lead the group.

Spotlight: Slack messages could be FOIA-accessible

Messages sent over the popular workplace IM platform Slack could be accessible to the public under the Freedom of Information Act. Slack must not be surprised, however. As the Atlantic reported,...

Microsoft builds Skype-Slack integration, cedes ground in enterprise chat

Microsoft has created a Skype integration for the rapidly ascending chat service Slack, a move that solidifies the newcomer as an enterprise force and reinforces Microsoft's willingness to reach out to users on any platform.

AWS links Slack and Lambda for ChatOps capabilities

AWS now provides integration with Slack so developers have access to tools they can use to manage environments through chat. We've written about ChatOps before, and what it aims to provide is more conversation-oriented development using chatbots that can connect to other apps and data to provide information and run commands.

Bolste aims to be the next generation of team communication and collaboration software

Bolste is aiming to provide the next generation of team collaboration tools; and although the company doesn't directly compare itself to Slack, that's the market it's going after. Bolste officially launched this morning after spending months in beta.

Spotlight: Slack makes Do Not Disturb live for users

Slack released its Do Not Disturb feature so that users can silence the many notifications the app can send.

Slack's new app strategy could increase adoption across the enterprise

Slack opened up a new Slack App Directory where users can find third-party apps that work with its enterprise collaboration and communication platform.

Spotlight: Slack reportedly adding new third-party app download features

Slack is reportedly looking to more closely integrate third-party apps onto its platform.

Slack adds 'Do Not Disturb' options for admins, full functionality to roll out 'soon'

Popular enterprise communication and collaboration platform Slack will receive in the next few days a long absent feature: "Do Not Disturb" mode.