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Latest Headlines

Smartphone innovation is slowing, judges Frost & Sullivan

Smartphone innovation is slowing, as evidenced by Samsung's Galaxy S5 smartphone, judges Lawrence Lundy, an information and communications technology consultant with Frost & Sullivan.

News scan: Boeing goes Black; Burger King not serving SMS the customer's way; More

Check out the latest in mobile IT news for Feb. 27, including the unveiling of the Boeing Black smartphone, how Burger King could improve its customer communication, predictions about the eventual decline of the smartphone market, the future of LTE across the globe and the rise of wireless gigabit connections.

China's red hot smartphone market cools

Following nine quarters of strong growth, the Chinese smartphone market declined 4.3 percent sequentially in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to the latest stats from market research firm IDC.

Infographic: Smartphones are 'critical' shopping tool, says IDC survey

The smartphone is transforming how consumers shop, according to an IDC survey of 511 consumers who own smartphones.

News Scan: Indoor location on steroids; Messaging revenues decline; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Jan. 13, including how companies are revolutionizing indoor location accuracy, the reasons behind the first mobile messaging revenue decline, the much anticipated HP smartphone, a novel way Google Glass could help sleepy drivers and how one company beat Apple to the punch on mobile transactions.

News Scan: Smartphone users fret about privacy; Hyundai integrates Google Glass; more

Quick takes on the latest mobile IT news for Monday, Jan 6 including: a recent survey's results pointing to a collective worry for smartphone security, plans for Google Glass integration into the new Hyundai Genesis by 2015, Lenovo's new small ThinkPad tablet designed for the enterprise, Gartner's thoughts on PC and mobile device functions melding and the details on Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 fix on Patch Tuesday.

Be courteous at the Thanksgiving dinner table

As we prepare for our Thanksgiving dinners, let's remember to be courteous at the dinner table and put away our smartphones and tablets. FierceMobileIT will return to your inbox on Monday, Dec. 2. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Smartphones will be smarter than you by 2017

Gartner predicts that smartphones will be able to predict a consumer's next move and next purchase simply by analyzing data collected on their users via cognizant computing. 

Apple's iOS in the Car, MirrorLink to dominate in-vehicle smartphone technologies

Apple's iOS in the Car and MirrorLink will be the dominant smartphone-integration technologies used for in-vehicle infotainment systems shipped in 2018, predicts ABI Research.

Motorola's new Moto X phone worries IT security pros

The new Moto X smartphone, the flagship smartphone for Google's Motorola Mobility unit, comes with all kinds of consumer friendly features, but these same features can pose a security nightmare for IT managers, according to analysts consulted by CIO Magazine.