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Latest Headlines

Fossil Q wearable with Intel tech can function with most smartphones

Fossil is giving folks a look at its Fossil Q line of connected wearables that was developed with chip giant Intel.

Rugged smartphones gaining momentum in the enterprise, says VDC

The rugged smartphone is gaining popularity in the enterprise, providing a more ergonomic and touch-centric alternative to rugged "brick-style" handheld computers, observed Kathryn Nassberg, an analyst with VDC Research.

Is that an Amazon drone following you?

Using location information in a person's smartphone, Amazon's drones will be able to deliver packages wherever the recipient is located--at home, on the job, out for a walk, or on a boat--according to a patent application Amazon submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Spotlight: Google launches handwriting tool for Android apps

Google unveiled Wednesday handwriting input for Android apps, which enables users to handwrite text and emojis into any Android app in 82 languages and using 20 distinct scripts.

BlackBerry's Leap smartphone has distinctly enterprise feel

While BlackBerry has abandoned any hope of being a mobile handset leader in the consumer market, the enterprise mobility company is still cranking out smartphones and tablets. Its latest effort is the Leap smartphone, which has a distinctly enterprise feel to it.

NSA chief proposes novel approach to break smartphone encryption logjam with industry

The head of the NSA is suggesting a novel solution to break the deadlock between the U.S. government and the U.S. high-tech industry over smartphone encryption.

Infographic: Laptop rules as device of choice for mobile workers

The laptop is still the device of choice for a majority of mobile workers, according to an infographic prepared by Forbes magazine based on various studies.

Business travelers rejoice: Visa mobile service will reduce declined transactions by 30%

While credit card companies and banks are trying to prevent fraud, their practice of not automatically approving purchases made far from a person's home can be frustrating for business travelers. Visa is coming to the rescue with Visa Mobile Location Confirmation, a mobile service that uses a smartphone's location technology to verify the credit card user's location.

IBM's z13 mainframe--An essential mobile tool?

When you think IBM mainframe, you don't immediately think "mobile." But according to Big Blue, it is the first mainframe that can process trillions of transactions in the mobile economy securely.

Bluetooth connection between smartwatches, smartphones puts enterprise data at risk

The rapid growth of wearable devices and their imminent entry into the workplace poses challenges for IT departments, not the least of which are security issues.