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Latest Headlines

Are the days of the mobile phone gold rush in China over?

China, the world's largest mobile phone market, has been seen for years by vendors as a place of seemingly unlimited demand for mobile technology. That time may be over. 

Consumers ditch print media for mobile, advertisers take note

Advertisers have even more incentive to go mobile with the results of this year's IDG Global Mobile Survey pointing to an abandonment of traditional print media in favor of smartphones and tablets.

Tablet sales growth to slow in mature markets this year, says Gartner

Tablets are moving into the late adopter stage of device adoption in mature markets, where sales growth is forecast to slow this year, says market research firm Gartner.

In-vehicle apps soaring, will reach 269 million by 2018

The number of in-vehicle apps will grow fivefold by 2018 to 269 million. However, few app developers will see any revenue from their efforts. Even though in-vehicle app integration will race ahead, revenues will be dented--and not just for developers.

Google I/O review: Android L, Android One, more

The I/O conference--Google's State of the Union for its various platforms--took place in San Francisco last week, and the time since has given experts a chance to unpack and reflect on the announcements and updates the company proffered.

Digital payments to double, reaching $4.7T by 2019, says Juniper

Digital payments--mobile, online and contactless--are forecast to almost double in transaction value by 2019, according to the latest data from Juniper Research.

News Brief: Pants that charge your smartphone; Photos that smell;

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for June 20, including the charging pants of the future, China on the precipice with LTE, Startup Path's newest acquisition, a picture's worth a thousand scents and the creative way T-Mobile is trying to recruit customers.

Mobile video viewing was on the way up well before World Cup

While the World Cup is spurring the use of mobile devices to view video, mobile video watching was on the way up well before the quadrennial soccer tournament.

It's not just the players who will be mobile at the World Cup

Although there have been complaints about the lack of Wi-Fi at some of the Brazilian stadiums, the 2014 World Cup is expected to be the most mobile tournament so far.

Customers want big-screened smartphones for utility, emotional reasons

Consumers choose smartphones with larger screens not only for utility, but also because it pleases them on an emotional level, according to research conducted at Penn State University and Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea.