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Latest Headlines

BlackBerry kills off BB10, plans 2 mid-range Android devices this year

BlackBerry has decided not to make any more smartphones running the BlackBerry 10 operating system, but focus instead on Android, company CEO John Chen told the National recently. Instead, BlackBerry plans to launch two mid-range Android-based handsets this year.

Basic tablet sales will continue to take a hit, says Gartner

Demand for ultramobiles (basic and utility tablets) – a category that includes the iPad, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Nexus 7 and Acer Iconia Tab 8 – is forecast by Gartner to decline 3.4 percent in 2016.

Here's how to recycle smartphones into IoT devices

Stop letting perfectly good smartphones rot away in a drawer just because they're not this year's model, and instead use those phones as Internet of Things devices, said a Japan-based nonprofit organization called Phonvert.

Spotlight: The end is near – when it comes to double-digit smartphone growth

Last year was likely the last year of double-digit smartphone growth, according to market research firm IDC.

NYPD will equip all 36,000 officers with Windows smartphones in coming weeks

The New York City Police Department said it's given specially customized Microsoft smartphones with policing applications to the majority of its officers, according to a New York broadcast news organization. The agency plans for its entire 36,000-strong force to have the phones within the coming weeks.

Samsung ships 256GB flash memory for heavy data lifting using smartphones

There's good news for people who use their smartphones for heavy data lifting at work. Samsung is shipping a 256GB flash embedded memory for high-end smartphones.

What kind of screen filter is right for your devices?

Mobility is allowing workers to be more productive and responsive to customer needs and creating new flexibility in their work routines. But it also presents challenges for IT professionals, who are now tasked with ensuring these devices don't compromise their organization's information or hinder employee productivity. In this contributed article, Mary Pichotta of 3M offers advise on using screen privacy and protection filters to address these challenges.

BYOD in retreat? Not according to Strategy Analytics

While some analysts and pundits say BYOD is in retreat, recent data from Strategy Analytics suggest otherwise. In both business smartphone and tablet markets, personal-liable (or BYOD) is the dominant type of device, accounting for over two-thirds of device shipments in each respective category, according to the market research firm's data.

Chips, not smartphones, fuel first Samsung profit growth in 2 years

Samsung said Wednesday that its operating profits are expected to rise almost 80 percent year-over-year in the third quarter after two years' of decline, based on the strength not of its smartphone sales but of its chips and display sales, reported the Wall Street Journal.

Lenovo consolidates smartphone operations at Motorola unit

Chinese computer maker Lenovo, which shelled out $2.9 billion to buy Motorola Mobility from Google last year, is moving all of its smartphone business to its Motorola subsidiary, reported eWEEK.