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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Samsung smartwatch tech would project display on back of your hand

Samsung's recent patent application details how a tiny projector in a smartwatch would be able to project a device display image on the back of your hand (or anything else), reported eWEEK.

Apps are key to wearables' user satisfaction – in the workplace or the gym

If wearable devices are to be indispensable tools in the workplace, they're going to need enterprise applications that satisfy users and promote productivity.

Thank smartwatches for wearable shipment growth

It's pretty safe to say that smartwatches and the evolution of those devices are what's driving the growth of wearables shipments, as IDC is the latest research firm to declare it.

Fitbit faces class-action lawsuit due to faulty heart rate monitoring by its wearables

Fitbit, the popular fitness tracker vendor in the wearables market, now faces a class-action lawsuit after customers complained of inaccurate heart rate monitoring in its products, reported The Verge.

Spotlight: HP teams with Titan on new smartwatch

HP is teaming with India's Titan to make a smartwatch that will be compatible with both Google's Android Wear and Apple's watchOS, reported InformationWeek.

Spotlight: Kids' smartwatches could give location of kidnappers' potential victims

Wooyun.org, a Chinese whitehat hacker group, found defects in information security management systems of 13 models of Chinese-made smartwatches for children, reported Want China Times.

Swatch plans to expand its smartwatch line, says CEO

Swiss watch maker Swatch is planning add smartwatch models to its Touch Zero One line, CEO Nick Hayek told a Swiss newspaper, Reuters reported Sunday.

Underwriters Laboratories to create security framework for wearables

When users and enterprises become interested in certain technologies, so do hackers. It makes sense, right? More users mean more potential data to steal. To prevent this from happening, Underwriters Laboratories is creating security guidelines to help wearables makers ensure they're implementing adequate security precautions.

Samsung reveals Project Orbis, its response to Apple Watch

Korean electronics firm Samsung has revealed details of a smartwatch it is working on that appears to be its answer to the Apple Watch.

Samsung plans innovation in enterprise wearable space

Here at FierceMobileIT we've been curious about the use of wearables within the enterprise. We've covered everything from Google Glass at airports to Apple Watch in factories, and now Samsung is detailing its plans for innovation within the enterprise wearable space.