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Latest Headlines

5 hot new business apps: Facebook goes anonymous; Snapchat users get snapped; more

The 5 hot new apps for Oct. 15.

Insecure APIs leave enterprise websites, networks vulnerable

Attackers are increasingly exploiting vulnerabilities in application programming interfaces to gain access to enterprise websites and networks and carry out other malicious activities.

Federal regulators clamp down on mobile firms

Two federal regulatory agencies have levied stiff penalties on two firms for infractions in the mobility space.

Snapchat launches Stories, 24-hour photo and video sharing

Snapchat is expanding beyond its signature here-and-gone media sharing philosophy with the introduction of Stories, a new timeline feature enabling users to compile photos and videos that may be viewed an unlimited number of times over a 24-hour period.

Snapchat photo shares surpass 350M per day, thanks to Android

Snapchat users are now sharing more than 350 million photos each day, increasing from 200 million in June 2013, CEO Evan Spiegel said.

Rumor Mill: Snapchat raises $80M Series B round, valuation climbs to $800M

Photo-sharing platform Snapchat has completed a Series B financing round totaling $80 million, vaulting the startup's pre-money valuation to $800 million,  TechCrunch  reports.

Snapchat for iOS revamp adds swipe navigation, in-app profiles

Snapchat released version 5.0 of its popular photo sharing service for Apple's iOS, dramatically overhauling the app's user interface.

Firms mull self-destructing data apps

When it comes to BYOD, a major concern of IT managers is data security on personally owned mobile devices. Some firms are looking at apps like the Snapchat as a model for corporate data security.

Snapchat adds video to Android photo sharing app

Snapchat is adding new video capture and sharing features to its popular photo application for Android, bringing the app in line with features available in its iOS counterpart.

Snapchat raises $13.5M, users sharing 60M photos per day

Fast-growing photo sharing application Snapchat has completed a Series A venture funding round totaling $13.5 million, led by Benchmark Capital.  The New York Times  reports the investment values Snapchat between $60 million and $70 million.