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Latest Headlines

Promotions key to mobile commerce success this holiday

Although the nation's retailers reported a disappointing holiday shopping season overall, activity in the m-commerce space continued to grow each year.

Email: The best social network yet

Social networks have taken over the Internet, and since everyone is using them, is there any need for email anymore?  It turns out that email is more important than ever, serving as "the glue that holds the social web together," writes Mike Elgan at  Computerworld.

Governments may initiate attacks against social networking sites

Social networking operators are more vulnerable than your typical website, says Phillip Hallam-Barker, vice president and principal scientist of Comodo Group.

Large enterprises latching on to private social networks like Chatter

Private social networks are blanketing the enterprise, with hundreds of thousands of organizations having deployed them over the last year and a half, reports Carolyn Duffy Marsan at Network World.

Why Google+ insists on real names

Those still hoping that Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) will back down from its insistence on using real names for its Google+ social network may have to simply bear with it--or go elsewhere. In an interview

Millions of Americans risk ID theft via social networks

Millions of Americans adults run the risk of identity theft via social networks, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive. As reported by CNET, 18 percent of men would accept a friend

No irony in funding Facebook while keeping workers off it

Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) revealed a $450 million investment in Facebook last week, and yet the investment giant still blocks its employees from using the social networking site. Goldman Sachs is in

Email use declining

The use of email is apparently on a decline, according to figures quoted in a New York Times report. The total number of unique visitors from the United States to major email providers like Yahoo and

Microsoft Windows Live Essentials 2011 released

Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) Windows Live Essentials 2011 has moved out of beta into final release. The free all-in-one productivity suite consists of a number of applications such as Windows Live

Are you a tweeter or a memo manager?

Twitter is a 21st century technology that many older workers have not yet adopted. And as it becomes a more popular communication tool, the debate over social networks in the workplace becomes