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Latest Headlines

Open Interconnect Consortium releases preview of IoT software

The Open Interconnect Consortium and the AllSeen Alliance are both generating traction in a quest to become the primary IoT standard. 

Spotlight: Sony's DMS to blame for data breach?

Was Sony partly responsible for its recent security breach that resulted in the capture of hoards of sensitive data?

At Sony, the buck stops … nowhere

At least Sony is owning up to the fact that they really haven't improved the cybersecurity or incident response plan over the ensuring three years. Oh wait, that must be another multinational conglomerate I'm thinking of.

Sony breach: Deja vu, all over again

Experience has shown that companies who are upfront about data breaches are able to repair the damage to their reputations quicker and get the word out to affected parties faster. Sony has yet to learn this lesson, despite having ample experience to learn from.

News Scan: Sony names new mobile chief; Verizon, FireEye team on mobile security; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Friday, Oct. 31, including Sony's new mobile chief, Verizon's partnership with FireEye on mobile security options for enterprises, Smartphone shipments topping 316 million in Q3, video standards supporting next-generation mobile video services and smart transport systems fueling freight management market.

Target did not have CISO to oversee information security prior to massive breach

Like Sony before it, Target did not have a chief information security officer overseeing security prior to its massive data breach that compromised 40 million credit and debit card accounts, and personal information on 70 million more shoppers, in November and December of last year.

Retailers' feet-dragging underscores need for national data breach law

The recent data breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus, and their slow responses, underscore the need for a national data breach notification law.

Neiman Marcus joins Target in 'Data Breach Hall of Shame'

Neiman Marcus admitted Friday that hackers stole customer credit and debit card information over the holiday season, according to a blog by security researcher Brian Krebs.

Touchscreen supply chain shifting under Apple's influence

Apple's changes to iPhone 5 and iPad displays are shifting the supply chain for the touchscreen industry, according to NPD DisplaySearch.

Spotlight: Sony ponies up £250,000 for PlayStation Network breach

Sony has agreed to pay a £250,000 fine ($377,000) to the UK Information Commissioner's Office for a security breach in 2011 that exposed personal information of millions of PlayStation Network customers, according to the BBC.