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Latest Headlines

ARMA on long-term storage solutions: Don't believe the hype

ARMA International recently released a statement reminding companies to be on the lookout for long-term data storage solutions that overpromise and under-deliver.

Sony shows off Aerosense UAVs, links camera to smartphone

Sony showed off a couple of new drones that will become available from its Aerosense joint venture, including one that comes equipped with a lens-type camera and another that can fly up to 106 mph, according to reports. 

Sony unveils 2 Xperia smartphones for work, selfies

With an obvious nod to difficult work environments, Sony's new Xperia M5, unveiled on Monday, is waterproof and dust resistant.

Sony and ZMP create drone joint venture, with focus on enterprise offerings

Sony will team with robotics company ZMP to create a drone joint venture named Aerosense. The goal is to build products focused on image capture as well as cloud-based data processing.

Spotlight: Sony to cut 975 positions at Swedish mobile facility

Sony is cutting 975 positions at its mobile operations in Sweden, according to a report by local Swedish media cited by TechCrunch.

FireEye's Kevin Mandia: Sony breach 'definitely wasn't an inside job'

FireEye president Kevin Mandia, whose company was called in by Sony to do incident response after last year's unprecedented hack, is convinced that North Korea was responsible for the attack, even though he's aware there are doubters out there.

Centrify hopes to prevent breaches like Sony with new privileged access service

Centrify is unveiling a new cloud-based service to help businesses manage privileged accounts in a way the company said could prevent attacks like those that targeted Sony and Anthem.

Huntsman enters US market, brings new tech for 'actionable intelligence'

Huntsman, a subsidiary of Australian IT security company Tier-3, Thursday announced its entrance to the U.S. market where it hopes to challenge entrenched security and event management competitors. Huntsman unveiled new tech squarely positioned to capitalize on a trend seeing C-level execs demand more actionable insight regarding IT threats.

Open Interconnect Consortium releases preview of IoT software

The Open Interconnect Consortium and the AllSeen Alliance are both generating traction in a quest to become the primary IoT standard. 

Spotlight: Sony's DMS to blame for data breach?

Was Sony partly responsible for its recent security breach that resulted in the capture of hoards of sensitive data?