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Latest Headlines

Sony to rival iTunes with mobile multimedia storefront

Sony Corporation is the latest entrant into the crowded digital storefront space, stating plans to launch an online marketplace selling music, movies, books and related media optimized for mobile

IREX eBook reader boasts powerful partners

IREX Technologies introduced a new eBook reader last week along with a powerful partners: Verizon, Qualcomm, Best Buy and Barnes and Noble book stores. The IREX DR800SG sports an 8.1-inch,

Sony slashing PSPgo game prices to compete with iPhone

Sony is poised to cut prices of games for its forthcoming PSPgo handheld device to between $1.00 and $7.00 in an effort to compete head-to-head with Apple's iPhone. Pocket Gamer reports Sony is

Sony rumored to launch wireless ereader device

Sony is reportedly poised to introduce a wireless ereader device to rival Amazon.com's Kindle. Silicon Alley Insider reports that Sony will hold a press event in New York City on Aug. 25--last week,

Sony PSP phone buzz resurfaces again

Although Sony has publicly stated it has no plans to introduce a mobile phone based on its PlayStation Portable gaming platform, the rumor continues to percolate--now, respected Japanese publication

Sony flaunts latest fuel cell batteries

Sony will be showing off the latest improvements to its hybrid fuel cell technology at the FC EXPO 2009, which is the world's largest hydrogen and fuel cell exhibition. Combining a methanol fuel cell

Kindle 3 rumors surface

An unidentified contact inside Amazon has given rise to rumors that the next Kindle will solve many of the lingering issues that have emerged since the Kindle 2 has started shipping. Apparently, the

Sony drops VoIP Go!Messenger service on PSP

Sony is going to shut down its VoIP Go!Messenger service for the PSP March 31. Sony launched the free service in Europe last year. Go!Messenger was supposed to be a four-year partnership between Sony

Sony lays off 16,000

The world isn't exactly in the midst of a boom time, and some companies are taking it harder than others. News from Sony Corp, the second largest consumer electronics company in the world, is that it

Sony to eliminate 16,000 jobs

The second largest consumer electronics maker in the world plans to make a reduction of some 16,000 jobs in order to boost its earnings. According to Sony Corp, 8,000 of these will be full-time