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Latest Headlines

Sony flaunts latest fuel cell batteries

Sony will be showing off the latest improvements to its hybrid fuel cell technology at the FC EXPO 2009, which is the world's largest hydrogen and fuel cell exhibition. Combining a methanol fuel cell

Kindle 3 rumors surface

An unidentified contact inside Amazon has given rise to rumors that the next Kindle will solve many of the lingering issues that have emerged since the Kindle 2 has started shipping. Apparently, the

Sony drops VoIP Go!Messenger service on PSP

Sony is going to shut down its VoIP Go!Messenger service for the PSP March 31. Sony launched the free service in Europe last year. Go!Messenger was supposed to be a four-year partnership between Sony

Sony lays off 16,000

The world isn't exactly in the midst of a boom time, and some companies are taking it harder than others. News from Sony Corp, the second largest consumer electronics company in the world, is that it

Sony to eliminate 16,000 jobs

The second largest consumer electronics maker in the world plans to make a reduction of some 16,000 jobs in order to boost its earnings. According to Sony Corp, 8,000 of these will be full-time

More mobile makers join Android

News came in earlier this week that another 14 companies have elected to join the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), a Google-led consortium dedicated to the Android open-sourced mobile operating system.

Popularity of smaller PCs a cause of worry for industry

The increasing success of netbooks- which comes with little on-board memory and comparatively slow processors, is apparently starting to worry industry players. Besides posing an

Did sales of e-book readers exceed 1 million units?

Evan Schnittman of OUPblog thinks that electronic e-book readers the likes of Amazon's Kindle and Sony's E-Reader could be closer close to a million units in 2008. Though some of the extrapolation

Sony finally goes Skype on PSP

Sony is adding Skype to its PSP mobile game console in Japan later this month to broaden the appeal of its game console amid fierce competition with rival Nintendo. Sony will sell microphones for

Sony releases VoIP head sets

Sony has released new VoIP headsets with hands-free capability. The headsets are designed to feature a high-enough quality audio speaker to be used for music and games as well as telephony,for