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Latest Headlines

Many firms not encrypting sensitive employee data, survey finds

Sensitive employee information, including banking details, human resource files and health care records, is not being encrypted by many midsized businesses surveyed by network and endpoint security firm Sophos.

Mobile security market to increase 25% per year, fueled by increasing threats

Mobile device security software market is forecast by Infonetics Research to increase at a 25 percent compound annual growth rate, topping $4 billion by 2018. This growth will be fueled increasing number of threats to mobile devices, particularly those running Android.

'Baby panda' could be hiding in your jailbroken iPhones, iPads

Malware called "unflod" is stealing Apple ID passwords from jailbroken iPhones and iPads, Ars Technica reports.

Malware attacks on Android devices see 600% increase, says Sophos

Malware on the Android is exploding, according to a new study, the Mobile Security Threat Report, unveiled by security firm Sophos last week at the Mobile World Congress.

Spotlight: Stock exchanges band together 'to combat systemic cyber abuse'

What do NASDAQ, NYSE, DTCC and the Saudi Stock Exchange have in common? 

Spotlight: Adobe breach tops 150 million records

Adobe's data breach, first uncovered by security researchers Brian Krebs and Alex Holden, could now reach 150 million records disclosed, up from an original estimate of 2.9 million, says security firm Sophos.

Tales from the CryptoLocker--Your files cannot come back from the dead

There is no way to cover your files once the CryptoLocker ransomware encrypts your data, warns security firm Sophos in a blog.

Android malware can place a company's 'future at risk', report warns

In the U.S. market, malware threats against Google's Android smartphones are exceeding threats against PCs, the traditional targets of hackers, according to Sophos' Security Threat Report 2013.

Laptop data breach can cost 70 times more than firm-wide encryption

A data breach from a lost or stolen laptop can cost 70 times more than the cost of putting encryption on all of an organization's laptops, related John Girard, wireless and mobile security analyst with Gartner.

Sophos to offer free Android anti-malware app

Security software firm Sophos, Ltd. has announced that it's providing its basic Android security app as part of its Complete Mobile Security Initiative.