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Latest Headlines

Mobile spyware running rampant in corporate America

If you are an enterprise with at least 2,000 mobile devices on your network, there is a 50:50 chance that you have at least six of those devices infected with malware that can spy on your network.

Most BYOD firms are clueless about common mobile security threats

While four-fifth of employers allow their employees to bring their own devices to work, two-thirds cannot identify common mobile security threats, such as malware infection on devices or installation of unwanted apps.

New McAfee feature keeps spyware, adware off phones

Riding a wave of heightened concern about the security of data transmitted over smartphones and tablets, McAfee unveiled an upgraded version of its mobile security software, which provides

Low-level malware worries security professionals the most, says report

A survey of over 1,600 IT administrators and professionals that includes managers and C-level executives found that 55 percent consider "traditional" threats of malware and spyware to be the main

Symantec: Rogue Android app runs up SMS bills

Symantec is spreading the news about a rogue Android app that has been compromised by hackers and is designed to run up expensive texting bills before the user realizes it. Vikram Thakur, a principal

McAfee: 2010 saw steady growth in mobile malware

McAfee's latest threat report reveals a steady increase in threats to mobile platforms as the number of new pieces of mobile malware grew by 46 percent in 2010. The report also revealed 20 million

Beware your laptop's built-in Webcam

Computer spyware took on a heightened dimension as a young man was arrested for his high-tech voyeuristic ways. Apparently someone who is handy with computers, our protagonist took to illegally

FTC wants new powers to fight spyware

The Federal Trade Commission this week told the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation that it favors legislation granting it new powers to seek civil penalties in spyware

Malware's $7 billion Hit

It turns out that phishing schemes and spyware are more than just annoying; they're both turning out to pack a serious wallop for the wallets of online consumers. A new study from

ALSO NOTED: PayPal adds another security layer to protect account holders; Using green technologies to keep data centers cool;

> PayPal adds another security layer to protect account holders. Article