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Latest Headlines

Square doubles its retail reach with Walgreens, Staples deals

Square signed new retail agreements with Walgreens, Staples and FedEx Office, doubling the number of locations selling its signature credit card reader to 20,000. The Square Card Reader is now...

Square product chief Megan Quinn exits to join Kleiner Perkins

Square Director of Products Megan Quinn has resigned her post to join venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Quinn will join the company's digital group, where she will focus on

Report: Groupon is testing a payment service that undercuts Square, PayPal

Groupon is reportedly testing a remote payment service in San Francisco that processes payments using a terminal and an iPod Touch. According to Venture Beat, which cites an email and unidentified

Report: VeriFone's SAIL m-payment reader copied Square's user agreement

VeriFone has overhauled its SAIL mobile payment platform merchant agreement after a report revealed the document directly copied chunks of text from rival Square's own user contract. VeriFone

Square processing $5B annually, up 25% since PayPal Here launch

Square is now processing mobile transactions at an annualized rate of $5 billion. This is an increase of 25 percent in its payment volume in the weeks following the March introduction of the rival

Report: Square's latest financing may value it at $4B

Square is reportedly raising a new round of financing that values the mobile payment startup at $4 billion--roughly four times what it was worth less than a year ago. Citing multiple sources familiar

Square expands Card Case hands-free payment app to Android

Square is extending its location-enabled Card Case payment application to Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android operating system and rebranding the service as "Pay with Square." Originally introduced for

PayPal Here signs up 1,000 users per hour on launch day

The new PayPal Here mobile payment system signed up an average of 1,000 users per hour during its first day of availability, PayPal reports. PayPal Here--unveiled last week--enables small businesses

PayPal introduces Square rival, 'PayPal Here'

As expected, PayPal announced its mobile payment system for small businesses. PayPal Here charges businesses a flat rate of 2.7 percent per credit card or PayPal transaction, a.05 percent savings

Report: PayPal plots to dethrone Square by undercutting merchant fees

PayPal, which is expected to introduce a mobile payment dongle device today, will lure merchants with more favorable transaction terms than market-leading rival Square, according to sources with