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To utilize IoT, enterprises need to overcome these obstacles

While Internet of Things is all abuzz nowadays in enterprises circles, there are some important obstacles to true IoT enterprise utilization, explained Kevin Curran, a professor of computer science at the University of Ulster and IEEE senior members.

Abandon hope of standardization, all ye who enter mobile app development

It is unlikely that app developers will ever see a standard approach to mobile app development, observes Suhas Uliyar, vice president of mobile strategy at Oracle.

Construction industry expands use of telematics in equipment

The construction industry is increasingly adding telematics systems to equipment, notes ABI Research.

Standardize the desktop while remaining flexible

IT historically has not been a paragon of speed and innovation when it comes to standardizing the desktop, but that appears to be changing as concerns grow about rogue software downloads. There are

RIM looks to web for mobile software development ecosystem

Research In Motion said the web will be the avenue through which a more standardized and cohesive mobile software development ecosystem will emerge. "The most promising bet around standardization is

Groups developing cloud computing standards

Any new idea needs time to bubble up and grow. That's certainly the case for cloud computing which, so far, has been growing without any standards. Now industry groups and organizations are joining

Standardize the system

Standardization is not a four-letter word in IT. But sometimes it is treated as one. No one is at fault. It is just the way systems have grown. The effort to create a standardized PC fleet is not

So who's in charge of the PC?

The question of who is ultimately in charge of a user's desktop may not have reached the CIO's office yet, but one day it will. The issue is a tough one, but an increasingly necessary one in this age

Making good IT decisions

IT is entering a new era that requires precision, process and predictability. But the only way to get there is to re-engineer and re-think IT decision-making. For your organization to realize the

The next frontier for identity management

Federation, a burgeoning technology that makes identity and entitlements portable, is a major step in the progress of identity management. These advances should make extending authentication