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Latest Headlines

Starbucks uses big data to track your coffee preferences

Starbucks is using big data from its in-store coffee sales to guide decisions it makes about creating new products for grocery stores, a recent CNBC article reported.

Java Junkies rejoice! Starbucks' mobile app lets you order and pay in advance for your latte

For those who can't wait for their caramel flan latte, Starbucks has got you covered. You can order your favorite beverage, pay for it and pick it up at the store without waiting in line.

Starbucks boosts mobile offerings for the holidays

Starbucks want to make sure it can get the tired shoppers into its stores this holiday season--particularly those carrying smartphones.

Would you like a pumpkin spice latte with that fraudulent tax return?

It appears that some caffeine-addicted cyber thieves used free Wi-Fi at Starbucks locations in Detroit to submit fraudulent tax returns and bag more than $1.8 million for themselves and their fellow schemers, according to a report by the Detroit Free Press.

Mobile payment apps could lead to more tips

By including a tipping option, mobile payment apps could lead to waiters and waitresses getting more tips.

News Scan: Chief data officer; No bonus for IBM execs; more

Top news articles for Feb. 3, 2014.

News Scan: Surface retail partnerships; Customer-facing apps have many uses; more

Quick takes on the latest mobile IT news for Wednesday, 1/15 including: Microsoft's latest efforts to pair Surface tablets and retailers for enhanced customer experience, why customer-facing apps are gaining popularity in the enterprise, more on China's multi-billion dollar mobility market, Mercedes' stance as top in an advanced assistance systems assessment and the clear text compromise of mobile payment info for Starbucks stores.

Spotlight: Most 'killer presentation' advice is dead on arrival

Richard Fouts is a Gartner VP, which means he's spent more than his fair share of time doing presentations. He admits some of them were stinkers, and has a similarly unflattering review of the torrents of presentation advice out there. 

Starbucks mobile payments eclipse 10% of U.S. store transactions

More than 10 percent of Starbucks' in-store transactions in the United States are made via mobile phone, the coffeehouse chain announced.

Spotlight: Starbucks ramps up mobile payment system

One in ten transactions at Starbucks' coffee houses is conducted using a smartphone, Adam Brotman, the firm's chief digital officer, said during the company's financial earnings...