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Latest Headlines

Would you like a pumpkin spice latte with that fraudulent tax return?

It appears that some caffeine-addicted cyber thieves used free Wi-Fi at Starbucks locations in Detroit to submit fraudulent tax returns and bag more than $1.8 million for themselves and their fellow schemers, according to a report by the Detroit Free Press.

News Scan: Chief data officer; No bonus for IBM execs; more

Top news articles for Feb. 3, 2014.

Spotlight: Most 'killer presentation' advice is dead on arrival

Richard Fouts is a Gartner VP, which means he's spent more than his fair share of time doing presentations. He admits some of them were stinkers, and has a similarly unflattering review of the torrents of presentation advice out there. 

Starbucks CIO Gillett moves to Best Buy

Stephen Gillett, who developed considerable renown as CIO at Starbucks, is leaving the coffeehouse empire to head up e-commerce, digital business and IT at Best Buy. As InformationWeek's Chris Murphy

How to secure the mobile app talent you need

Walmart and the Financial Times both opted in recent weeks to bring mobile application development expertise in-house by swallowing up development firms. While most organizations probably don't have

With Gillett at the helm, Starbucks percolates with emerging technologies

Starbucks has turbo-charged its use of emerging technologies over the past couple years since Stephen Gillett took the job of CIO. The company has upgraded its infrastructure, recently deploying a

Starbucks gets taste of new BI tools

Business intelligence tools have been making their way into the hands of non-analysts for some time, a trend that Starbucks has been pioneering. The coffee behemoth is now trying out new BI

A quiz to reveal your management style

As a CIO you are bombarded with advice on becoming a better manager, but how do you really know what kind of manager you are to begin with? You could start by taking a quiz put together by

What's risky about the next Windows?

Rumors are bubbling about the next version of Windows, and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer fanned the flames last week when he called the upcoming OS the company's "riskiest product bet."

Hotspots multiply while legal questions over data privacy persist

If your company's road warriors like to duck into Starbucks or McDonalds to get a little work done online, make sure they're not sending any unprotected company data over the stores' Wi-Fi systems.