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Latest Headlines

Starbucks boosts mobile offerings for the holidays

Starbucks want to make sure it can get the tired shoppers into its stores this holiday season--particularly those carrying smartphones.

Would you like a pumpkin spice latte with that fraudulent tax return?

It appears that some caffeine-addicted cyber thieves used free Wi-Fi at Starbucks locations in Detroit to submit fraudulent tax returns and bag more than $1.8 million for themselves and their fellow schemers, according to a report by the Detroit Free Press.

Mobile payment apps could lead to more tips

By including a tipping option, mobile payment apps could lead to waiters and waitresses getting more tips.

News Scan: Chief data officer; No bonus for IBM execs; more

Top news articles for Feb. 3, 2014.

How to avoid the Starbucks app debacle

The popular Starbucks mobile app was discovered recently to store credentials in such a way that anyone connecting the phone to a PC can see the passwords and usernames in plain text.

News Scan: Surface retail partnerships; Customer-facing apps have many uses; more

Quick takes on the latest mobile IT news for Wednesday, 1/15 including: Microsoft's latest efforts to pair Surface tablets and retailers for enhanced customer experience, why customer-facing apps are gaining popularity in the enterprise, more on China's multi-billion dollar mobility market, Mercedes' stance as top in an advanced assistance systems assessment and the clear text compromise of mobile payment info for Starbucks stores.

Spotlight: Most 'killer presentation' advice is dead on arrival

Richard Fouts is a Gartner VP, which means he's spent more than his fair share of time doing presentations. He admits some of them were stinkers, and has a similarly unflattering review of the torrents of presentation advice out there. 

Starbucks mobile payments eclipse 10% of U.S. store transactions

More than 10 percent of Starbucks' in-store transactions in the United States are made via mobile phone, the coffeehouse chain announced.

Spotlight: Starbucks ramps up mobile payment system

One in ten transactions at Starbucks' coffee houses is conducted using a smartphone, Adam Brotman, the firm's chief digital officer, said during the company's financial earnings...

eMarketer slashes 2013 U.S. mobile payments forecast in half

American consumers will complete $1.04 billion in mobile-enabled payment transactions in 2013, almost doubling from $54 million a year ago, according to new data from eMarketer. The forecast is nevertheless far below the firm's previous 2013 U.S. mobile payment estimate of $2.12 billion.